How Long Does It Take to Fix Your House Foundation?

Probably house owners have an idea of the struggles that people face while constructing a building. Several criteria and some tricks have to be followed to make the building attain very good strength. So soon after completing the process, people often expect impressive outputs. But sometimes, the floors and even the foundation might be damaged due to the presence of excessive moisture content.

So what happens when the foundation is damaged? Probably it will be the toughest task for both the house owner and the technician to restore the house. If the base is not solid, then the floors will not be stiff, which eventually results in damage. These damages have to be rectified with the help of an expert.

But fixing the foundation might take some time as it is the base of the entire building. The time for fixing the same might vary according to the damage or the complication of that particular building. But in general, it might take around 1 to 3 days to fix a damaged foundation. People who prefer to opt for foundation repair detroit can have a look at

Why Does It Take Time To Fix A Damaged Foundation?

Generally, fixing a damaged floor itself has many processes, so people should make sure to wait patiently till the process is complete. People should apply the desired material and wait for some time for the cement to fix in that particular place. In the same way, fixing damaged foundations might take some time, and it is better not to pressure the technician to complete the process quickly.

It can also be considered a major repair work in a house, so doing it with perfection might be an added advantage. It might take around 3 to 4 days to complete the work. If the complication is critical, it might take around five days to a week to complete the repair work with perfection. Some factors that increase the time have been mentioned below.

Type Of Repair Work That Has To Be Done


In simple words, if the repair work is complicated, then it might take some additional time to complete. If there is a crack in the foundation, it can be completed easily. But if it is a major complication, then the technician might take some additional time to complete the process with perfection. Foundation needs special care, so make sure to inspect for various signs to find if the foundation is healthy or not.

  • Location of the damage

Generally, the location of the damaged foundation plays a significant role in increasing the time. For instance, if the technician has to pass on various walls to reach the damaged wall or foundation that has to be repaired,then the process might take some time to complete.

  •  Excavation

People might prefer to dig in that place after planning to construct a building. But it is a repair work in which the technician has to dig in a spot where he/she can reach the damaged foundation area. So excavation is the process of moving the underground rock with the help of some special equipment. Sometimes, the excavation process might seem critical due to excessive moisture content, so it takes time to complete it.

  • Implementing Piers

An Engineer might prefer to install some piers if the foundation is weak. So depending on the damage, the technician might advise the house owner to install several piers in their foundation to withstand the house. Pier can also be called the additional support that enhances the strength of the damaged foundation walls.

But implementing piers might be critical in some places. A hydraulic ram is one of the most important equipment used to install piers in certain depths. Some pressure might be applied on the pier to make it settle down in the right place.

  • Leveling phase

In this phase, the house will be lifted from the original foundation and placed on the pier to complete the repair work with ease. People might feel some discomfort during the process if they stay inside the house. People who prefer to stay inside the house might feel some bumps. But there is no need to worry as the house is being placed on the pier, which can also be called the support.

  • Cleaning phase

Soon after completing all the work, the technician might be in a situation of evacuating all the materials that they used to complete the process with ease. So during this time, the crew members might clean the entire setup to ensure cleanliness. They will at least restore the previous condition of the house.

But there are various types of damage, and people should make sure to confirm the type of damage first. So by knowing the exact type of damage, people can decide the cost and time for completing the work. Never let your technician start the work before confirming the time and cost, as they might extend the cost. Never sign a contract without consulting two to three companies.

The quote for foundation repairs might vary, so make sure to have several quotes before starting the process. Sometimes people can save a lot of money by just enquiring with various companies. Same as the cost, it is better to analyze the work output of each company. Foundation repair works are complicated, so people should make sure to treat them with care. Hiring unethical and inexperienced people might result in some root complications that will be more dangerous to your house.

Final Thoughts


The process might seem to be critical, but an expert can guide the house owners in various stages. Like other complications, foundation work cannot be done by an individual as the process is critical. Each phase of the repair work is complicated, and it needs some special attention. It is always better to hire an expert soon after finding some cracks in the bottom layer of the house to avoid the spread of damage.