How CCTV Cameras Are Effective In Preventing Crime In Public Places

Even though we live in an era of high technological development – we still don’t have a 100% safe crime prevention system. However, video surveillance systems have proven to be very effective in reducing crime rates. Still, the biggest concern of most countries with a serious attitude towards security is the prevention of crime- especially in public locations. How much can CCTV cameras be helpful, and are they effective when it comes to fighting against crime?

What Are CCTV Cameras And What’s Their Purpose?


CCTV is a system consisting of video surveillance cameras – but also equipment for storage, display, and further processing of video material. With the advancement of technology and the development of various software and applications, these devices have more technical possibilities – and their use is even more creative. Although originally designed to protect people and property, today these devices are used for a variety of purposes – primarily for safety in public places. However, CCTV systems installed in various locations may have a different purpose, such as lightening up crimes, searching for lawbreakers – but also more benign purposes, like virtual tours, etc.

Justification Of Use

When it comes to CCTV, opinions are divided. Namely, spears are often breaking over the public application of CCTV and the issue of its legality. That’s because some people believe that this is a violation of their privacy and even basic human rights. However, we must admit that in terms of security, CCTV cameras won this battle – because so far, they have helped us with lightening up crimes and lowering the public places’ crime percentage. That’s probably the reason why video surveillance is used worldwide today – and according to some estimations, there are between 4-6 mil. cameras in the UK alone.

How Efficient Is CCTV When It Comes To Public Places?

Although it will not free us from crime, CCTV cameras have proven effective in preventing crime in public areas. Here’s how.

Safer Public Parking Lots


The video surveillance system has proven to be very effective in protecting public places – such as parking lots. Generally, if there are security cameras in a parking lot, thieves need extra caution. They are very aware of the fact that they can be caught very easily – and then that they have limited time to commit a crime, steal cars, or do both. Also, according to they have to be extra careful, which is not the case with places that do not have video surveillance.

CCTV In Retail Stores Distracts Thieves From Stealing

As the law obliges the retail facility provided with a video surveillance system notifying all the customers about it when they get into the store. Usually, you will see the labels and stickers notifying you about the presence of CCTV. In the opinion of many experts, even the information about the existence of CCTV is sometimes enough to distract a large number of potential thieves from the original idea.

CCTV Is Often Connected To The Panic Button


What many lawbreakers may not know – is that a so-called panic button can be built into the video surveillance system. It is a hidden button that is usually located near the cash register or in a certain place that is close to the risky area. It is enough for the employee to press that button and for the local police station or a person in the monitoring center to receive information that the robbery is in progress. So, even if there is a robbery, the thief will be caught in the act very quickly.

CCTV As A Traffic Assistance

Another very important segment of life in which the extreme efficiency of the video surveillance system has been shown in public places – and especially the streets. According to numerous researches, it has been determined that the number of traffic violations has been significantly reduced in places where there are cameras that record potential violations. Even if there is an attempted theft or any criminal offense – the existence of a video surveillance system and recording device can make it much easier to find the perpetrator. With the help of CCTV cameras, the police will easily find the criminal and bring him to justice.

Modern Surveillance Systems And Their Role In Security

Unlike the old CCTV systems – in today’s modern video surveillance systems, artificial intelligence plays a very important role. It has long been known that video walls, on which the image from the camera is monitored, are annoying and have a kind of hypnotic effect. The performed tests have revealed that after only 20 minutes of viewing – the attention of most operators falls far below the acceptable level. This is where intelligent image analysis comes into the game, allowing automatic detection of events – such as movement in the image, a person crossing a fence, leaving suspicious luggage behind, and even face recognition technology.

Face Detection Cameras


Nowadays, computer and internet technology are very developed. Today, cameras feature face recognition technology, internet surveillance, and mobile surveillance applications, as well as drones – have become the most common mechanisms used in public places for surveillance. In addition to surveillance systems whose main goal, at least according to the authorities around the world, is security protection – video surveillance enriched with face recognition software is also used for commercial purposes. So today, through YouTube, you can enjoy the so-called online tourism.

However, some medium-leveled surveillance measures must be found – so that they are not endangering the privacy of citizens, but on the other hand, will continue to provide security in public places.

CCTV Helps Reduce Crime Rates But It Is Not Miraculous

According to numerous researches and analyzes, it has been established that video surveillance systems are very effective in reducing the crime rate. But what is very important is that we should not rely just on that system. We should definitely be careful in addition to the protection system – because there are people who will not be deterred from the idea of committing any kind of crime even in public places.