How to Pay on the South Bay Expressway?

Are you the type of person who loves to travel all over the country? The United States is a country big enough for you to explore it throughout your life, and still find some parts where you haven’t been. It’s nothing strange if you know that we are living in the 3rd biggest country in the world, right? So, you will have limitless possibilities when it comes to the sort of locations where you want to go.

When we say sort, we think about a wide array of different factors. For instance, we are talking about parts where you can expect some warmer, even tropic climate. On the other side, if you prefer mountains and ski resorts, you can find them as well. How much time you will need to spend on the road depends solely on where you live, and where you want to go.

Naturally, there is always the best route you should go to reach your destination. Thankfully, the United States is a country filled with high-quality roads. One of them is South Bay Expressway.

Today, we would like to talk about this road, where it leads, how long it is, and how you will pay a toll for riding it. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the most important facts regarding this expressway.

Where is it Located?


When you take a look at the map of the United States, you will see that this road is located in the state of California. It goes roughly through half of it, and it continues to the border with Mexico, or to be precise, it reaches the city of Tijuana, located in the state called Baja California. It needs to be said that we are talking about one of the finest roads you will come across in the United States.
The reason is quite simple, it preserves a crucial factor for tourists reaching the shores of California as soon as possible. Surely, you know that some parts of this state are not developed to the highest possible level, especially in the Northern part of the state. Thankfully, we can see that the South Bay expressway is one of the best ones you will see in the state.

How Long is it?


It needs to be said that the road is roughly 36km long. It represents a vital factor for bringing Mexican tourists to the Californian Bay as soon as possible. The closest large city to this road is San Diego. Just imagine the situation where this road doesn’t exist. The drivers would need to get into the city and go through its traffic for a couple of hours before they can exit on the opposite side and continue to San Francisco or Los Angeles.

Little is known that the South Bay expressway is a relatively new road. We can see that the plans for making this one began in the early 2000s. In 2003, the construction began after the financial close. The plans were that the road will be finished in 2006. However, the construction companies were a little bit delayed, and the final project was presented to the public in late 2007.

How Busy is it?

If you take a look at some official statistics presented by the state of California, you will see that the South Bay expressway is easily one of the busiest roads in the state. It is not possible to measure these figures precisely. Nevertheless, from what we can see, it is quite clear that a lot of people use it every year, especially during the summer season where millions of tourists come to California.

Payment Methods


If we take a look at some surveys out there, we will see that drivers usually forget to bring cash when they are about to enter their local expressway. Sure, taking a couple of precautions could prevent this problem from happening. Thankfully, the state of California has thought about this scenario. For that reason, there are a few methods of payment you can opt for when you are about to enter the road.

Naturally, the first and most obvious option for you is to pay in cash. You will certainly agree that this is probably the easiest way to do it. You will not need to think about anything else, just to pay the fee at the counter. However, there are some other ways. For instance, you can use your credit card. As you can presume, you can use pretty much any sort.

The system supports both Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards. Next, you select a Pay-By-Plate option. It means that you can use a website, where you should enter your plate number, and send the payment to the local institution. The fourth and final approach you can opt for is using an app specially developed for providing these services. If you are interested in this approach, visit Uproad.

The best of all things is that all the payments will be made instantly after you enter the road. It means that you will not be required to make a stop and pay. Instead, the app will make all the payments on its own. As you can see, we are talking about a pretty convenient method. The only thing you need to do is to select an option and ride. All the payments will be made regularly.


We all know that the United States has a lot of high-quality roads. However, there are a couple of them that truly stand out from the crowd. South Bay expressway is one of those we can describe that way. There are a couple of reasons why this is the fact, but the main reason according to many is that it is still a new one. It is just over a decade old.
Not only that, it presents drivers with more than a few paying options. Here, we’ve discussed the most significant ones. Being aware of these before you go on the tour is significant. So, we are sure you will find this info useful.