5 Best Blenders for Making Detox Smoothies – 2024 Buying Guide

A need for a good blender has risen throughout the years, mostly because the lifestyle has changed drastically in the past years. Many people life a fast paced life, which doesn’t really allow them to eat their meals properly or eat healthy at all, which makes a smoothie a good option. It’s not necessarily always the case, some people just enjoy smoothies as a snack, some as a pre or post-workout meal, and so on. Usually containing a mixture of vegetables, fruits, milk, water, ice and so on, they are often considered as purifying and detoxicating, which is understandable, since it contains healthy ingredients. Today we’re going to talk about some of the best blenders out there, the ones that can help you make your own creamy and refreshing smoothie.

First off, let’s just cover some blender basics. There are slight distinctions and variations between these machines, so let’s just get that out of the way. You may have heard about smoothie blenders and makers. Even though it sounds like it’s pretty much the same thing, that’s not really the case. They both blend, that’s for sure, but the difference lies in the way they do. Smoothie makers are just refined blenders made precisely for smoothies, whereas blenders are multi-purpose appliances. Also, makers can be significantly more expensive.

As far as using blenders go, it couldn’t get any simpler. All of them will come with a handbook and an instruction manual, but the gist is always the same. Fill up your container with desired ingredients, fill it up with liquid of choice and blend. Some of them will require you to press and hold the lid, some will just lock and start blending and in some cases you could set a timer, press a button and just do something else while you wait. When the blending’s over, you can add ice and blend it again, and voila, you have yourself a smoothie.

Now that we’ve gone over the basics, we can start our list of best blenders for smoothies that will help you lead your healthiest and toxin-free life.

1. NutriBullet Pro 900

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Of course we were going to start our list with a NutriBullet device, how could we not? This device is basically an industry standard as far as smoothies go. It’s under $150, so it’s neither really cheap nor expensive but it’s basically all you need for individual use. What’s great about this and many other NB appliances, they are built with portability in mind. This blender is small, thin and a jar is also a drinking cup, very easy to carry around if that is what you need. Jars on this device come in two sizes, 32 and 24 ounce versions. Both of them can be used as portable cups since you get a closing lid in the package. Another bonus, if you end up acquiring this one, is that it comes with a recipe book, so you can draw some ideas for your smoothies from it. You can find many recipes in there, from protein-rich smoothies for your workout, or just easy, detoxicating veggie drinks to help you flush some toxins out of your system. A homemade smoothie is always a better option than those you can find on shelves or order off of internet. A good example would be Jazz Total Detox and drinks of sorts. They claim they can flush toxins out of your system in just a few hours. However, does Jazz Total Detox really work? You can find out for yourself at medsignals.com, but the short answer would be no, not really. As far as cons of this device, the only thing that is not so great about it is durability. You will probably have to replace the blades after a year or so. Luckily, that shouldn’t be very expensive.

2. Oster Versa Performance Blender

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If you’re looking for something that can dish out several portions at once, this is the blender for you. First off, this blender is nothing like the previous one as far as looks go. It’s heavier, it’s bigger, it’s not really portable. It’s a 64 ounce, a kitchen-counter-sitting appliance that will not only make smoothies, it will do it all. It has adjustable speed and settings, so you can always expect the best results whether you’re making smoothie or a cracker dip. It’s a very versatile machine without a question. Another great thing is, it comes with a 7 year warranty which makes it a very reliable choice. One thing you could say it’s not great about this blender is how loud it is. But, to be honest, it could really wake you up in the morning.

3. Ninja Pro Table Top Blender

Source: blendwithus.com

Next up, we have this awesome blender that combines the best of both worlds. Its 900W base can provide you with enough power to blend essentially anything and its two different-sized containers can be used as cups, so convenience and portability are not an issue. Both jars have their own, separate, reusable lids so you can take your smoothie with you as soon as you’re finished making it. it’s not too big, even though it’s powerful, so it won’t clog your counter space at all. Same as the previous model, you could complain about the noise, but it’s expected of a machine to be loud if it can crush ice as good as this one does.

4. Vitamix 7500

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This is by far the most expensive item on our list, but rightfully so. This blender is so good, it could probably crush rocks, but we wouldn’t recommend testing it. It’s a great multi-purpose blender that will create smoothest smoothies you ever drank. It can chop up seeds, so you don’t have to worry about that if you’re making a watermelon smoothie. Also, it will crush ice very efficiently so, if you’re up for an ice cream, this blender can do that as well. It comes with a recipe book, a 7 year warranty, basically anything that you would expect of a blender that’s worth over $500.

5. Blendtec Classic

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This one is also a classic, do-it-all blenders, that excels at making smoothies. It has great blades, which make this thing very resistant to clogs and can easily break down anything. It’s programmed with several different cycles and speeds, so finding a perfect fit for a smoothie should be easy. Even though it’s not cheap, it comes with an 8-year warranty, which is the highest on our list, making it a durability champ. As always, noise might be an issue, but you wouldn’t expect a Ferrari to be quiet, would you? It’s a powerful machine, what can you do.

This was our top 5 list for blenders based on their smoothie making abilities, so hopefully, you have found what you were looking for.