Wonderful Craftsmanship in Italian Design Light Fixtures

Deeply rooted in the rich Italian culture are the design and craftsmanship. Italian and international designers work tirelessly to create unique pieces of contemporary design for your house, restaurants and workplaces.

Each piece is carefully designed, created and produced with the utmost attention for details: a perfect example of function and beauty combined.

Ideas that light up the world

Each light fixtures designer is devoted to creating wonderful pieces of unique home decor, where practicality is in service of beauty and vice versa. Sleek geometric shapes are modeled to encapsulate the perfection of a single light beam, highlighting a specific corner of your home.

Softer, rounder, more airy designs are devoted to a magical atmosphere in fluffy chandeliers made for dreaming; while contemporary and clean-cut lines are perfect for table lamps and home office fixtures.

Wall sconces and modular flash mount ceiling lights create new shapes and futuristic patterns on the surface of your home, making you and your loved ones feel embraced by light.

Different kinds of light fixtures

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Expertly combining beauty and practicality, you can choose different types of light fixtures to make a statement in your house. Let’s see which lamps to put in each house’s room and how to choose them.

  • Ambient lighting.

A diffused and warm light is perfect for the most lively spaces of your house. Meaning your living room, an home office, a hallway are perfectly illuminated by large light fixtures expanding the light in every corner.

  • Task lighting.

These are more specific fixtures used for specific purposes. For example a table lamp on the desk or a floor lamp behind the sofa or the armchair in a relaxation corner.

  • Accent lighting.

The perfectly crafted lamps by high-end designers can also be used as accent pieces. Decorative objects in and of themselves, serve as beacons of light for illuminating paintings, sculptures and other art pieces in your house.

A balanced use of them all creates the perfect atmosphere in your home, if you choose each fixture with care. Try different types of illumination in the same room, in order to change the vibe when needed. Also try to create a special illumination setting for special occasions. The relaxation and reading time needs a different lighting than the homework and duty moments. On this note, bedrooms need different lighting for different purposes too: romantic moments or relaxation, sleep and morning preparation all need the perfect illumination. Meanwhile, the kitchen needs a sharp light for cooking time and a more diffused ambient light when you have got guests over.

A balance of different moods and styles is the right choice to shift your house’s setting every time you want. Play with lamps’ shades, colors and intensity to give every moment a different style.

Find your own style

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How can you pinpoint the right light fixtures to include in your abode? Think of your needs and your family’s necessities first. You want every room to be perfectly lit in order to divide the space and create the right place for each activity. That aside, your home decor style should reflect you and your personal taste.

Go for minimalistic, sheer shapes if you love simplicity and practicality. Choose a more extravagant and colorful look for a modern, cheerful atmosphere. Then again, light fixtures can be changed as your mood, your needs and your style changes. Home lighting decor has its trend just like fashion. If you love to be surrounded by beauty, go for a different set of lighting every now and then.

Or choose a customizable illumination system, which can be changed in pattern, shape and lamps’ style whenever you want a boost of innovation without changing the entire illumination plan. Great ideas like this are coming your way: new, exciting designs are constantly developed by Italian designers and international lighting artists in order to make your home really dazzling.

New and innovative solutions

When function and beauty walk hand in hand, magic things happen. Such as the acoustic solutions created by lighting designers for your maximum comfort in light and sound. These kinds of light fixtures feature special soundproof materials and innovative technologies in order to give you the right amount of illumination and privacy, perfect for noisy households, hotel rooms and quiet-seeking individuals.

Another great idea you can implement in your home with the right contemporary shapes and functional fixtures are the battery operated lamps. Perfect to be moved wherever you need them, whether it’s a table or another in the restaurant, a special place in the living room or a particularly dark corner of an open space.

Everywhere natural light is missing, designers’ light fixtures are there with their brilliant solutions to cast a light on the most private and intimate places of your house. You can choose a diffused light, a bright and warm led-integrated lamp or a dimmable light for maximum atmosphere customization.

The best designers from Italy and the world

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In service of the beauty and fame of made in Italy creations, each light fixtures brand carefully chooses its designers from a pool of the most talented and creative people around the world. These artists of lighting design are the right people to create new, unique solutions for different needs in a household, a hospitality environment or a business activity.

In a perfectly balanced mix of innovation and old school design, these people work to imagine what is not there: light, brightness and beauty in every space. Italian designers focus on materials, shapes and new textures alongside their international colleagues.

Axolight has got a taste for contamination between the staples of made in Italy grandeur and the unique solutions coming from all around the globe. Scandinavian designers and Japanese artists, Italian and Spanish couples of talented people work side by side to create little works of art to illuminate your home.