Shark vs Dyson Cordless 2024

Shark and Dyson both are amazing vacuum cleaners in the market. Moreover, the difference between these two arises just because of their prices, suction, and weight. Although both companies are making vacuum cleaners that are easy to use. But some differences exist in every vacuum cleaners. To see that differences, we are here to explain them to you. We all want speedy and efficient cleansing in our houses. So, we need to know, which product is better in terms of speed and efficiency. Let’s get started without any delay.


Shark Cordless

Dyson Cordless

It has 185 air watts and a long run time.  It has more suction power.  
It is foldable that consumes less storage. For use, you have to unfold it and use it,  You cannot fold it but you can hang it anywhere. 
It has five and a quarter kilos. It is only two point three kilos. 

Load Capacity & Suction Power

It has 0.3 liters of capacity 

Load Capacity & Suction Power

It has a size equal to half of the liters. 

It comes with 78-watt suction power.  It comes with 220-watt suction power and it can run up to 2 hours. 
It has 20-30 minutes runtime at every battery.  It has long runtime that is 60 minutes.  
It is not the most powerful vacuum cleaner.  It is the most powerful cordless vacuum in the market. 
It has a small dustbin.  It comes with a 1.8 dustbin that enables you to clean a large home. 
It is not good for rugs and hard surfaces.  Dyson is best for rugs and hard surfaces. 
If you don’t want deep cleaning then the shark is good. It is best for deep cleaning purposes. 
It has no such filtration.  It has advanced allergen filtration. 
It has no detection power.  It has automatic service detection functionality. 
It provides one year to a lifetime warranty. It provides a 30-90 day’s warranty. 
It can run up to 80 minutes.  It can run up to 120 minutes. 

Besides all of the differences, there are few similarities among these amazing products. Let’s see what these similarities are.




It creates noise during high frequencies.  It creates noise during high frequencies.
It has a rechargeable battery.  It has a rechargeable battery.

Upright design


Both Shark and Dyson are offering an upright design, which is quite convenient to use.

Shark and Dyson offer a duo clean brush roll head that makes them suitable to use on carpets and on the hardwood. So you do not need to change the cleaning head while you are vacuuming the carpet. The same head will work on almost all floor types. So once you start your home cleanup, you will put the vacuum aside after it is all done.

Dust bin capacity

Both brands offer a larger capacity for dust bins. However, what the Dyson Ball Animal is offering is a bit larger than the Shark one. So if you need a larger bin, you should go for Dyson. This will allow you to complete your work in one go. No need to take breaks and clean the bins and change heads.

Cleaning pet hair


If you have a pet cat or a dog, you know very well how troublesome things get. Pets go through an intense hair fall and therefore, you need to clean them properly.

In terms of cleaning pet hair, Shark has an edge over the other one. It does not have a tangle-free brush but it will still suck up the short hair.

Therefore, if your pets have long hair and they are suffering from a serious hair fall, you might need something else. Use another tool to get rid of all those hair. But don’t worry, the Shark vacuum cleaner will get rid of most of them.

Cordless working

Both brands offer cordless sticks that allow you to clean freely all over the house. Therefore, irrespective of the brand that you choose, wireless functioning will be there. But you should know that cordless vacuum cleaners have less power as compared to cord ones. So you should know what you are looking for.

If you have kids and pets at home, a cordless device won’t be of much help. There will be a lot of mess and therefore, you will need more power. However, this is not the case with corded ones.

And if you are living alone or with someone, a cordless vacuum cleaner would be better for you. There won’t be much mess that needs cleaning. All you need to clean is the dust and dirt. Therefore, a cordless device would be much more convenient and easy to use.

Is Dyson worth the money?


It is slim and sleek. Moreover, it comes up with more suction power. It tackles carpet, hardwood, and pet hair easily. Yes, it is expensive but if you buy it one time then you will be free from any of the other issues.

People often asked,” why Dyson is very expensive?”

It is expensive because it was the first brand that provides cyclones inside vacuum cleaners to separate the dust particles. Its suction will not lose over time. Moreover, its high prices are used to create more quality products for the future.

Do you know about the average life span of a Dyson vacuum cleaner?

If not then let me tell you about the average lifespan of a Dyson Vacuum cleaner. Moreover, the company offers an amazing technology of cyclones in vacuum cleaners. It’s estimated that Dyson lasts for seven to 10 years. Furthermore, it comes with a five-year warranty as well as great Dyson battery performance here to read about dyson batteries.

Do have any idea about shark vacuum cleaners?


These vacuum cleaners break easily. Moreover, their warranty is terrible and its part died so early that you have to purchase a new vacuum cleaner. Dyson is expensive but it comes with longevity. So, that’s why we recommend Dyson products over Shark vacuum cleaner.

Wait! Wait!

Do you know how often the Dyson filter has to be replaced?

Almost 12 months. You have to replace the filters after 12 months. This is due to pollutants get stuck in the filter and it will disturb the functionality of vacuum cleaners. If you didn’t replace it then the unpleasant smell will spread in all your room and you could not able to do anything.


In the end, Dyson products are best as compared to Shark. But shark products have their functionalities. Moreover, the Shark product is budget-friendly and variety of vacuum, while the Dyson is very expensive. Although both companies are making vacuum cleaners that are easy to use. There is tough competition in both of them. But as you have seen Dyson products have more features as compared to Shark. Moreover, you can easily distinguish between them. All you need to know is about their functionalities. Then you can buy accordingly. If you have any problem then you can ask in the comment section given below.