What Type of Light Is Best Suited for Outdoor Parking

For a long period, outdoor parking seemed like a place that does not deserve good decoration. In most cases, they were poorly lit. However, today, things have drastically changed. You can see a bunch of modern outdoor garages that come with different improvements and innovations.

One of the details that have become essential is ensuring proper lighting. A good light will make outdoor parking safe and secure for all the people that want to leave their vehicles there.

If you are also aware of that, then this article is a perfect place to gather some proper information. Before you start reading the list below and spend your money, we recommend you do small self-talk. You need to ensure how much light you want to see in your outdoor garage. You need to ensure that every part of the outdoor parking is equally visible. Because of that, we recommend you determine that before everything.

After you do that, you need to find the right type of light that will be suitable for the outdoor parking. Because of that, let’s analyze one by one and see which one will meet your requirements the most.

Flood Lights

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Floodlights are something you can find on every corner because many outdoor parkings are using them. However, this type of light is also good for all the areas around the buildings. Because of that, we can say they are multi-practical.

Anyway, there are three things you can do to increase the safety of the outdoor parking and all the vehicles that are there. First of all, this type of light allows you to affix them to poles. Another thing you can do is to illuminate something you would want to highlight. That can be everything from a sigh, wall, or anything else. The third thing you can do is leave them in landscaped areas. That will make that area more functional, but it will also become more aesthetically pleasing.

It is important to mention that, for many years, all the consumers were using metal halide lamps. Their MH’s bright, true-white color made the parking spaces more visible. However, the good news is that Led bulbs are constantly making progress. They ensure a bright, white color that will make the outdoor parking safer and “eye-pleasing”.
Okay, here comes the most important part of this type of light. LED lights for outdoor parkings are a bit more expensive. However, the price is not something that should scare you. All the LED bulbs do not require a lot of electrical energy. Believe it or not, you can lower energy consumption by around 50% (in some cases even more). Despite that, keep in mind that these lights often do not require maintenance at all. Even if you have to fix them or improve them, that will not cost you a fortune.

All these benefits are going to be available to you only if you find the right place to buy LED lights. In case you struggle to find the right seller, we recommend you visit here after reading this article. In that way, you will ensure that you are making a long-term investment that will pay off in the end.

Pole Lights

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Another type of light that will be beneficial for all the people that want to park their vehicles outdoors is pole lights. There is a good reason why this type of light deserves to be on this list. As you already know, there are certain lighting level standard recommendations that you should meet. As we said, all the parts of the parking lot need to be equally illuminated. That is the reason why placing the pool light across the entire property is going to help you complete the job properly.

There are two reasons why doing that is going to be beneficial. Before everything, you will ensure that all the people that come here are not going to make accidents because of lack of light. Another reason is marketing. This can especially be important for retailers that want to attract more people to come. People will not hesitate to leave their vehicle in front of the building because they will know that their car is going to be safe. Additionally, you can see pole lights in front of warehouses, apartment buildings, factories, hospitals, and other places.

Another thing you should have in mind is the material this type of light is made of. The good news is that pole lights allow you to choose between different designs and styles. You can find lights made of wood, steel, aluminum, and other materials. A common thing for all of them is usually the number of fixtures. In most cases, there are four of them placed at the top. Their purpose is to protect the lights from different weather conditions as well as rocks that vandals can potentially throw.

All of them are more or less popular. High-intensity discharge and metal halide lamps had been popular for a long period. However, this doesn’t mean they were perfect. Over time, owners of the outdoor parking realized their power decreases over time. Because of that, most of them decided to use induction lamps because they are more durable. Despite that, they also provide an eye-pleasing color while their requirements for electrical energy are low.

Outdoor Wall Parking Lot Lights

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The third type of light does not require a lot of explanation. Before everything, you will easily notice how suitable they are with the different designs of the outdoor parking. Despite that, they will provide you with enough light to illuminate the walkways. The manufacturers often make them of aluminum that makes this type of light durable. Despite that, it is also an excellent choice for places that deal with extreme weather conditions. The lights will work perfectly even when the temperatures are too low or high.

Final Thought

As you can see, these three types of lights are the best ones for the outdoor parkings. We recommend you check out all the features of each one you find online before making the final decision. In this way, it will be much better to figure out which one is going to be beneficial the most for you and people that want to park their vehicle there. With a small dose of patience, you will surely make the right choice in the end.