Why Is My Floor Scrubber Leaving Streaks?

Keeping the floor at your home clean is not that difficult. You can combine a broom and a vacuum cleaner. Also, those robot vacuum cleaners are very popular in recent years. However, maintaining larger surfaces can be more challenging, and one of the best options, in that case, is to use a floor scrubber. The best models are upgraded with automation and different features like drying at the same time. They are common in bigger facilities and companies.

The process used by these machines is quite simple. The solution is added to the floor while the machine picks it up right away along with the dirt, and then dries the floor. There are different models available, like those where you have to walk behind, and the ones that you can drive like small vehicles. These models can be more expensive, but the great thing is that you can rent them. If you need a floor scrubber hire service, check this link.

Moreover, if you have this device, the most important thing is to maintain it in the right way. Also, if you notice that the service is not doing the right job, it is important to note that to them. There are different reasons why it is not functioning properly, and the common cause is that poor maintenance is causing streaks on the floor. We are going to analyze more about the potential reasons for that in the following article.

Most Common Reasons

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As we already mentioned, proper maintenance is crucial. However, this machine might leave streaks even if there are no technical issues. First of all, it depends on the surface that it has to clean, how dirty it was before the process, and for how long you are using it. There are some simple reasons as well. For example, maybe there is a piece of dirt, hair, or some other material that is stuck in the part that is taking in the leftovers before applying the solution.

If there are many different pieces on the floor that this machine has to collect, there is a high chance that you will face some streaks. The best solution for that would be to use a broom to clean the surface so this machine can clean it in the right way. Also, if you are not satisfied with the results in one run, you can always repeat the process over the same area.

On the other side, different technical issues could be the main reason for this problem. The great thing is that most of them can be easily fixed, but you should react on time. For example, different reasons could affect the machine to don’t pick up the water in the right way. That will cause marks on the floor even though this device can clean it.

The issue is that the floor will be clean, but not dry, which will make it dirty again when someone steps on it. If you are facing this problem, the first thing you should check is the tank. A full tank might be the reason why the machine cannot pick up the water, and only have to empty it. In case it seems like the device won’t have enough power to suck in the dirt and water, you should check whether there are particles stuck in the scrubber. There could be a sticky material that is causing this issue. Furthermore, some parts can be worn-off over time, like the brush. If you notice that the brush is not picking the dirt in the right way, maybe it is time to replace it.

Be Sure To Charge It

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Using the one with a cable is not convenient, and you cannot clean a bigger surface with it. That is the main reason why most people are interested in models with batteries. Depending on the model, the battery can last between three and six hours. However, there could be changes in the power when the battery is getting close to empty. Therefore, if you use it for a couple of hours, and you think that there are few more left, there is no need to rely on that.

A much better solution is to always keep the batteries full, which means leaving them to charge after you finish. Moreover, keep in mind that batteries have cycles and that the average lifespan, in this case, is around three years, depending on how frequently the machine is used. When the battery loses its performance, it may affect other specs, including the power, and that can lead to poor efficiency and marks on the floor.

Hiring a Service is the Best Solution

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The reason why it is the best option is the fact that you don’t need to worry about technical features and maintenance. Also, you don’t need to hire people only for this task. Instead of that, you will hire a service that will secure works and properly maintain scrubbers all the time. They can guarantee you proper results. If you own a company, the great thing is that these workers have flexible working hours, and you can hire them to clean the floors before or after the regular hours in your facilities.

Last Words

As you can see, there are many things that could cause marks on the floor when you are using the scrubber. Also, a lot of these issues can be easily fixed since they will usually involve the replacement of some parts or simple emptying of the tank or removing some particles from the brush and area around it.

The key is to deal with these actions on time because leaving the machine working for a long time while there is a need for maintenance can lead to even bigger issues like breaking and the need for replacing some more expensive parts.

If you want to buy it for your needs, make sure that people who are using it will take proper care. On the other side, a much more convenient solution is to hire a scrubber service.