A Guide To Selling On Amazon in 2024

Online trading is one of the biggest phenomena right now. People all over the world are buying and selling goods online. As time passes, the world continues to move towards digitalization. Online markets are the go-to place for both buyers and sellers since they have very few drawbacks and a lot of advantages.

Having an online business provides both the buyer and the seller with the comfort of trading from home. This has influenced a lot of people to start selling products on websites such as amazon

Why Amazon?

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Before you start trading on amazon, you first need to know why you’re choosing amazon. Amazon is an online marketplace with millions of buyers and sellers present all the time. There is nothing legal in this world that you can’t buy on amazon. Sure, there are other websites such as eBay and craigslist. However, Amazon is the most trusted and reliable website for buyers and sellers alike.


Amazon already contains millions and millions of products. This raises the question of what you should sell. Since there is no real market gap on amazon, your best bet is selling something you have experience with. However, some of you may have never previously sold anything commercially. For such people, we have listed down some common cheap products that are proven to do well on amazon.

Leather Accessories

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People love leather. The best thing about leather is that you can make a large number of items from it. Thus, leather goods have a wide variety and are one of the best-selling products on amazon. Products such as phone cases, wallets, and handbags are always in demand. Thus they are one of the best options for someone who is just starting to sell on amazon.

Many companies have been very successful in selling leather goods online. Anyone starting new or fresh should take inspiration from such places.

Makeup Products

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Makeup is a product that has sort of becoming a necessity for a lot of people around the globe. People from all age groups consume this product. Thus resulting in constant demand for such goods. These products range from nail polishes to eye shadows etc. Makeup goods used to be termed luxury items. However, their ease of availability has made them much more affordable.
Eyelashes are a good place to start if you’re selling makeup. Anyone who is starting to sell makeup products on amazon should look for wholesale suppliers of such items. False lashes in bulk can be bought at wholesale rate and sold with profit. If you need help with this be sure to check starseedmakeup.com.


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Garments include everything that you can wear. Shirts, trousers, socks. etc all fall under this category. This is a great entry point for people who can find access to cheap clothing or can manufacture it. Clothing is something that remains in demand throughout the year. Thus making it one of the most consistent selling products.

You may start your online shop at amazon just by selling customized shirts, socks, hoodies, and other similar items. Such products have been proven time and time again to be consumer favorites. Locally manufactured garments can be bought cheaply and then sold at a profit online.

Books And Stationery

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Another product that never goes out of demand is stationary. Kids and adults require simple goods such as pens, erasers, notebooks throughout the year. However, these can be found at any store locally. Thus, to attract consumers, customized pens and notebooks. etc can be produced. Kids love cool-looking stationary items. Thus making them customized will give your product a unique selling point.

Books are also a product that has stood the test of time. You can sell both ebooks and paperback versions online. There is a consumer base for books that will continue to stay constant or even grow. Therefore this is also a product that you can use to enter the amazon market.

Personal Accessories

Personal accessories such as bracelets, sunglasses, watches. etc are also a good place to start. They are low-priced goods and hence are within the majority’s spending budget. This is a very important factor to keep in mind. Since a lot of people who buy online look for the cheapest deals and prices, having low-priced products is a plus point. Similar to the previously listed products, these can be bought in bulk at wholesale rates and then shipped off with profit.

How To Deliver?

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Once you sort out what to sell and get your first order, there is another important part left. Shipping your product is also a major part of selling on amazon. Yet, the popularity of online marketplaces has also created a wide selection of delivery and courier services. If you’re shipping locally you can contact any regular courier service around your area.

However, for long-distance/international shipping, you can look into freight forwarding services. Services like freight forwarder amazon help make shipping easier. You can also use them to outsource your goods or order. This means that you can buy your products from cheaper markets such as China. etc and get them shipped to your consumers directly from there.


Many products have demand and value in the amazon market online. However, before you decide on any product make sure to do adequate research. Any product that you know well and put effort into can be very successful. However, we suggest selling safe items such as the ones listed above first to get a better idea of how amazon works before trying a new product.