3 Best Satellites You Can Buy

When looking for a satellite dish to watch TV, the market has a wide range of options to buy. The way satellites work as a television antenna is very simple. They receive a broadcast signal directly from a satellite in orbit, giving you access to hundreds if not thousands of channels.

This option has existed for quite some time, with millions of people choosing satellite TV over aerial and streaming services. But that begs the question, what are the best satellites to buy to watch quality television?

We’ll answer that question in this article, so don’t go anywhere.

1. SSL Zone 2

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SSL is a reputable brand in the satellite dish industry. The Zone 2 is quite possibly a model that not only is affordable but comes with plenty of gadgets.

For starters, users have been complaining that the previous model, the Zone 1, lacked the necessary signal reception. So the Zone 2 comes with superior signal reception in the form of an amplifier.

Another great feature of the SSL Zone 2 is the fact that the model is completely portable. This means you can use it on a camper, caravan, or take it with you to wherever you’re traveling.

The model is made from certified and durable material that gives superior strength and protection from bad weather. You can use this satellite dish for Freesat applications, Hotbird, Astra, and more.

2. TLC Handbags PS Sat LTC

Somewhat more expensive than the previous one, the TLC PS Sat LTC model comes with a high-quality antenna that can easily connect to satellites in orbit for superior reception.

This particular model shares quite a few similarities with the Zone 2. It is made from similarly-durable materials that give super strength and outdoor protection. It is also portable and can be put on campers and caravans. But one feature is the multi-switch feature. This feature allows the dish to connect to multiple satellites.

It can connect to one or two, with the most notable satellite connections being Astra, Hotbird, Eutelsat, and more.

The PS Sat LTC is an overall excellent model, but the somewhat bigger price does knock it back one place.

3. Winegard White PL-7000

Source: walmart.com

Most satellite dishes look alike. But the Winegard PL-7000 is a different breed. This particular model from Winegard works exclusively with Dish satellites. That means, the Winegard PL-7000 will connect you with a wide range of television channels supported by Dish satellites.

The PL-7000 is rather expensive. But what you’re getting in return is worth the buy. It is compatible with many Dish products such as Dish Pay-As-You-Go, Dish HD, and more. It is completely portable and lightweight. Made from high-strength materials such as military-grade aluminum alloy, the PL-7000 is a thing of beauty.

With this model, you will have no problem placing it on top of your camper or RV and watch television as you go. One thing that knocks it down a few places is indeed the price. Since the Winegard PL-7000 sells without a receiver, you will have to pay extra for that. That can rack up total costs up to $360.

But the fact that this model is indeed portable and very lightweight does make up for it. Furthermore, you gain access to a wide range of television channels and Dish services.

An important part of watching satellite TV is to install the dish the right way. Anything but perfection will ruin the experience. So if you need any sort of installation services, make sure to give Leeds TV Aerial Installer a visit.

How To Choose the Right Satellite Dish?

These three are some of the best satellite dishes to go for. But even so, how do you know what makes a good satellite dish?

  • Pay Attention to Size

While not everything in life comes down to size, a bigger satellite dish is absolutely the way to go. Satellite dishes work by picking up a signal and sending it over to your box set. With all that in mind, it should be noted that a much bigger satellite dish will be able to pick up more signals. There are a few sizes out there.

The most common one and one that you should never go under is a 60cm diameter. Other sizes include a 90 cm diameter, 110 cm diameter, and 120 cm diameter. A satellite dish with a diameter of 120 cm is the best buy you can make.

  • Portable Or Fixed?

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All three models we included on this list are indeed portable. But is portable really a good thing when it comes to choosing smartly? Yes, it is. A portable satellite dish gives you more options. A fixed one remains in place and cannot be put on an RV or camper.

But with all that said, it generally depends on what you’re looking for. A fixed dish offers much better signals. Since most flexible dishes are much smaller, it can impact the signal strength.

But if you’re looking to put the dish on your RV or camper, then always go for a portable option.

  • Type Of Receiver

Our list also includes dishes of both receiver types. These types are the Free To Air and the Integrated Receiver Decoder types. The first one is quite self-explanatory. An FTA receiver means that you can pick up free channels.

The IRD receiver, on the other hand, doesn’t work with free channels and only for subscription services. The Winegard PL-7000 is a dish with an IRD receiver. IRD types are generally considered more expensive than FTA types


The three dishes on this list offer users plenty of options. If you look at the most important factors to consider when choosing a satellite dish, they have a bit of both. So before you settle on the first dish you come across, do consider these three factors.

As always, an aerial installation expert can help guide you on making a good call. More so, they are professionals that know how to install your dish and get you access to quality television.