5 Safest Cars for Uber Drivers In 2024

Uber is one of the most popular driving services in the world, with over one million employees. Since the start of this company, they have managed to completely change the industry and get in front of their competition, especially cab services. There are many advantages of using an Uber today, especially when it comes to simplicity since you can call a ride with your smartphone and pay with your credit card. Also, you can check the map and see where are the nearest vehicles available. People who are working for this company are quite satisfied as well.

You can choose to work full time or as a side job. Registration to the service is quite simple. However, there are some requirements related to the vehicles, their age, safety, size, and more. For example, you will need a car with four doors, which means that you cannot drive a two-door hatchback or a coupe. Moreover, the car must be licensed, and you will need proper insurance as well. If you are interested in getting the insurance for your vehicle, check out Quote Radar.

Therefore, the right selection of vehicle is crucial if you want to start working for this company. There is a wide selection of cars today, but you have to pay attention to the requirements. Also, you should focus on the safety and comfort when it comes to the right selection. Here are the safest cars for Uber drivers in 2024.

1. Toyota Prius

Source: cars-data.com

There is a reason why this brand is so popular for decades. Toyota is constantly bringing innovations in terms of new technologies, improved comfort, less emission of carbon dioxide, and improved safety. The main reason why you should choose the Prius model as an Uber driver is related to lower expenses since it is a hybrid vehicle, which means that it is using both gas and electricity. When it comes to safety, models produced after 2014 are especially good because they have an integrated system for auto-braking with sensors that can detect the obstacle on the road.

Clients will be satisfied as well since it is quite comfortable when compared to similar vehicles in the same category. The prices go from $12,000 for models made in 2014, while the decent model with all of the technological upgrades made in 2017 costs around $20,000.

2. Kia Soul

Source: motortrend.com

The famous Korean brand is known for innovations and the excellent futuristic design of their cars. Also, there is a wide selection when it comes to different models when it comes to size and specs. If you are looking for a more affordable option, we recommend you to check out Kia Soul, produced after 2016. It has a compact design and size similar to most hatchbacks.

Still, it has four doors and decent luggage space. The compact size is perfect for bigger cities and crowds, and you should never have issues with parking and waiting for clients. Models produced after 2016 have integrated sensors for the control and detection of issues on the road. You can find a decent model for around $15,000.

3. Honda Odyssey

Source: forbes.com

If you want to get a vehicle that can be comfortable for more passengers and has plenty of space in the luggage, you should check out this car. You can drive six people, which makes it perfect if you are driving near airports. In terms of safety, it has excellent ratings. The main issue is that it needs more gas, but it won’t be an issue if you are constantly driving a group of people.

The most recent model with all of the upgrades for safety, hybrid engine, and tech improvements cost around $35,000. However, it is not so much when you compare it with the money that you can earn by driving an Uber, which can go over $10,000 in cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and more.

4. Lexus ES

Source: forbes.com

There are different categories in terms of luxury. The cheapest category is basic vehicles that cost under $10,000. However, many people will look for a more expensive ride because they want a luxurious car to drive them. Drivers who choose this category will earn more as well. However, the main issue is the right selection of the car that will make this job efficiently.

Therefore, we suggest you check out the Lexus ES, which is in a luxurious category but has a much lower price than other premium brands like Maserati, Jaguar, and more. The main benefits are safety, comfort, design, and the price of only around $50,000. That is a lot cheaper than similar vehicles in the same category. For example, Maserati Ghibli costs around $80,000.

5. Volkswagen Jetta

Source: b92.net

This is one of the best choices for Uber drivers. You can choose a model with an engine of 1.4 liters, that will provide enough power, but it spends less gas than many other cars in the same category. In terms of safety, it has an advanced system that will keep both driver and passenger safety during the ride. Also, it is comfortable and there is plenty of space in the back and trunk. The great thing is that you can buy a new model for under $20,000.

Best Features of Uber Cars

When you are looking for a car that you will use as an Uber driver, the first thing to focus on is related to gas consumption. Making the right decision will make this job much more efficient. Therefore, you should avoid cars with bigger engines. The best solutions are EV and hybrid cars. Another factor is the space in the back seats and trunk. You can expect that a lot of people will have bags, and they will give you a better rating if you can fit their luggage without any issues. Also, safety is very important, which means that you should buy some newer models with sensors and upgrades that can prevent issues on the road.

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Last Words

We have selected some of the best vehicles in each category, but there are many other models that can cope with requirements related to this company, especially in terms of safety, decreased carbon print, and higher efficiency.