How Long Does RBS Training Take And What To Expect? 2024

It has been made mandatory in California that all the places that serve and offer alcohol and related drinks should abide by some rules and regulations instructed by the authorities. The law has been brought into action since July 2022. It requires that all the servers must own a certificate to serve and provide alcohol to the needed customers. 

This valid and compulsory certificate is called RBS, which can be obtained through RBS training for all the servers. An RBS training course that has been officially approved by the state you live in and passing the final exam containing 25 questions with a minimum of 70% is the key to successfully acing the phase of getting the job of a server. 

Here is the information you need to be aware of about RBS training and what to obtain from it. 


Everything You Need To Know About RBS Training 

Of Course, it is important to understand what RBS training is before getting into the whole process. The Responsible Beverage Service training program is an initiative to help and teach the servers of California to serve beverages with alcoholic content responsibly and to prevent any issues that evolve around it. 

The RBS Act was passed around 2017 to decrease the harmful effects and issues related to alcohol that the local communities face. 

The bill further paved the way for the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control to introduce RBS training programs to offer awareness and educate the servers and managers on the risks of providing alcohol to underaged customers and other related issues. 

The on-premises list includes any place from bars, restaurants, movie theaters, clubs, and stadiums. To attempt the training program, the servers and managers should register in the RBS portal and get an entire training from a certified and authorized RBS training center. The last phase of acquiring the certificate is to pass the exam within 30 days of the training. 

Regulations In California To Serve Alcohol 

It is not possible to serve alcohol in the state of California without following the strict rules 

and regulations passed regarding alcohol serving to customers. The server or the manager who wishes to take up the job of serving the alcohol must strictly be more than 21 years old and pass the RBS training. 

The current employees who do not own a valid certificate are prevented from selling or serving alcohol. In addition, all the managers, servers, and helpers will be given two months to attend the training program, complete the training and pass the exam to get valid certification from the authorities. 


An Overview Of The Content Of The RBS Training Program 

The program’s main mission is to instigate a change and improvement in the bartending career and make it a more approachable and responsible job. The state regulates the certificate program, includes many aspects and benefits, and brings new opportunities and development for the servers and managers who serve and sell alcohol and related beverages.

On top of that, the local community has a wide range of prevailing problems due to alcohol-related incidents. Through this program, the employees will gain a true sense of communicating and interacting with people and ensuring that all of their requirements are met while at the same time preventing any mishaps and providing a secure environment. 

Further, the Course also provides insights and understanding of the techniques and methods that could be followed to prevent the serving of alcohol to minors and customers who are already too drunk. 

Acquiring The Final Certificate To Serve And Sell Alcohol 

If you or your friend is looking for more information on the RBS training program, then without further delay, the first step is to enroll in a state-authorized training program immediately. Then, the final exam marks the decision to get the certificate. Without fail, a minimum of 70% is compulsory, and three attempts can be made in a month. 

After passing the exam, you will be rewarded with a unique RBS certificate number on the portal, issued by the Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Department of California. This unique licensed number will officially enable you to search for a job and eventually get one in the end. 

Working as an on-premise server or manager involves constant and continuous inspection and random spontaneous checking during work hours. 

Therefore this RBS number that you obtain through the training is prominent and one you cannot live with to avoid any strict disciplinary actions from the state against you, which could further be an obstacle for you to obtain a future career. 

The RBS training course is not limited to any time frame, so the students have full freedom to manage their time and complete it within their pace of studying. Prepare well for the final state exam beforehand; you will be good to go with flying colors. 


A Better Bartending Career With The Introduction Of RBS Training 

The ultimate question is if this certificate is worth your time or not. Firstly, it is a critical step to proceed with your career as a manager or a server regulated by the state; therefore, you must pass the exam to make a career in such a field. Secondly, it is still worth your time as it will enhance your work’s quality and improve it with time and practice.

As a California state citizen, you can provide a secure and safe environment for the localities and play a significant role in improving society. Moreover, this can also improve the overall business, making it profitable and effortlessly seamless without any mishaps. 

It is a step to make a change in an industry that could involve constant incidents and irresponsible actions taken by both the customer and the employer. This certificate will ensure proper etiquette of the job and the premises. 


If you wish to pursue a career in serving and selling alcohol in the state of California, then get your RBS certificate and unique number immediately and be a change for the industry in the best way possible.