How to Apply for Jobs Abroad

Working abroad is the only way to get a decent salary and provide for their families. Naturally, in the current conditions, many are ready to change their lives for the sake of a more prosperous future. However, not everyone knows where to start looking for a job and what documents are needed to travel to another country. As a result, applicants fall for the bait of scammers who want to get rich at the expense of gullible citizens.

Country selection


Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland are among the most popular countries for legal employment. Work in Poland offers the easiest conditions for legal employment and a large salary for relatively easy work, so Indians go there more and more often. And most of the EU or the US only employ highly qualified specialists.

You should not go in the dark about the country and even the city in which you will live. Study the country, often people go without knowing where, and then they are not ready for many circumstances abroad.

Pass a full medical examination, make sure that you do not have any health problems. So that it does not turn out that after some time it turns out that you have a sore hand or tooth, and you will have to break the contract with the employer and lose money, or work through force.

Do not hurry! There is a lot of temptation on the Internet about urgent recruitment for hot vacancies and do not immediately pay someone money. This is a responsible step, for which you need to carefully prepare, work is not a wolf, it will not run away into the forest.

How not to become a victim of scammers?

In order not to become a hostage in a foreign country, but to get really legal employment abroad, it is enough to know the signs by which scammers can be recognized:

– lack of permits (licenses, certificates of state registration, contracts with a foreign employer);

– inaccuracy of information regarding future work (explaining in general terms the type of activity of the company, duties and wages);

– absence of questions about the professional skills of the candidate;

– requirement of unreasonable advance payment, original documents for storage.

According to layboard, the only safe way to get a job in another country is to apply to employment agencies abroad. By contacting such an organization, you will receive not only information about vacancies abroad, but also a list of documents required for legal work in the selected country.

What to look for when choosing an agency?


A licensed agency providing employment services abroad must have a full-fledged website with convenient functionality. There should be all the contacts of the company, data on groups in social networks, where you can read reviews about this organization, as well as other important information.

You can evaluate the professionalism and competence of the agency’s employees already during a telephone conversation, when you ask all your questions.

Another sign of an honest company is a sonorous name and recognition on the Internet.

What jobs are available without knowing the language?

You can find work abroad without knowledge of the language and without education for women, men and couples. But it is mostly unqualified and unofficial. The basics of colloquial speech are necessary in any case. For this, special training programs are provided.

It should be understood that competition for unskilled work is high and Europeans have a better chance. Employers give preference to the citizens of the country. So less problems with the law and spending on paperwork.

If we are talking about work abroad for women, then popular vacancies are a nurse, a maid, a cleaner, workers in factories and plants. For men – earthworks, construction, harvesting and other types of physical labor. At the same time, people are often offered to work on weekends and holidays, which is paid at a double rate. If you prove yourself well, there is a high chance of re-signing the contract on more favorable terms.

What to prepare for when leaving for work without knowing the language?


At first, such work brings little pleasure and you should not expect high profits either. But in fact, it opens up good prospects. In addition to earning money, working abroad in Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic and other countries means:

  • invaluable experience;
  • new acquaintances and impressions;
  • the opportunity to learn a foreign language for free and quickly;
  • a step up the career ladder and on the path to prosperity.

In the future, you can think about getting an education and confirming an existing diploma. This path is often chosen by students. For married couples, working abroad is an opportunity to find an official position and achieve permanent residence in the chosen country. Even if it doesn’t work the first time, subsequently opening a visa is easier and takes less time.

What documents are needed for employment abroad?


Many exaggerate the complexity of processing documents for going to work in another country, they are afraid of adapting to a new environment.

In this article, we will briefly describe what documents you need to prepare for working abroad. It turns out that there is nothing difficult in obtaining a work visa.

The requirements for obtaining a job may change, but the documents for working abroad remain unchanged.

The package includes:

  • Passport with a sufficient validity period. A photocopy of the internal passport. A photocopy of the TIN, if any. Work visa.
  • To obtain a work visa, you will need an invitation confirmed by the employer indicating the exact details of the company. The specified position cannot be changed after the employee arrives at the place of work.


  • a certificate of non-conviction;
  • a diploma of specialized education;
  • a workbook or a notarized extract from it;
  • a resume;
  • letters of recommendation.

In some cases, a health certificate or medical insurance is required.

All documents for employment must be translated into the language of the host country.

In Poland and Hungary, a simplified procedure for obtaining a work permit is provided for specialists in scarce professions.

The UK is in the process of leaving the EU (Brexit). A visa-free regime for visiting this territory is not provided.

Extension of a legal work permit


Specify the details of the extension on the spot. For example, in Poland there are two options

  • First: On a short-term visa, the employee worked for more than 3 months. The employer submits an application to the voivodeship for an extension of the permit. In this case, the employee will have to leave Poland and re-issue a work permit for another period, for example, for 360 days. Apply in advance, it may take 40 to 60 days to issue a voivodeship permit. The requirements are best clarified in the voivodeship.
  • Second: The worker worked for more than 3 months. He can extend his legal work permit without leaving Poland. On the basis of a long-term employment contract, he applies for a residence permit.


  • a questionnaire for the extension of a residence permit with your data;
  • 4 photos; a passport with a visa;
  • medical insurance with coverage from 30 thousand euros;
  • confirmation of regular earnings;
  • a receipt for payment of an administrative fee.

You can apply the day before the end of your work visa. The stamp in your passport, indicating that you have applied for a residence permit, allows you to stay on the territory of Poland, but you will not be able to leave until the procedure is completed.

Work and life abroad of a married couple with children


Is it possible to employ a married couple with children? Yes, this option is possible. In this case, the employer draws up an application to the migration control authorities of the host country, in which he agrees to the employment of an employee with children. The details of the children’s passports are attached to the application.

Additional terms:

  • the availability of a place to live;
  • the salary of the parents must be such that each family member has the amount prescribed by law (for Poland 500 złoty).

Upon arrival, parents enter into an agreement with the founders of a nursery, kindergarten or school and make an advance payment for tuition. If the child travels abroad with one of the parents, the consent of the other parent certified by a notary is drawn up. It is best to clarify the details at the consulate.

There is nothing difficult in preparing documents for work abroad. All information is publicly available on official websites. It is best to get advice from the consulate or contact experienced specialists.

Prepare a package of documents that meets the requirements of the migration service and submit an application.