The Essential Gadgets and Appliances You Need in Student Houses

Heading to college is an exciting time for students, and while your mind might be occupied with making new friends and familiarising yourself with your class schedule and campus, you will also need to think about the essentials you’ll need to live comfortably. A lot of colleges will provide the basics for first-year students in their dormitories, but if you have chosen to move into a student apartment/house instead of the dorms, or you’re going into your second, third, or fourth years, you might be responsible for kitting out your home yourself.

Below are a few examples of the essential gadgets and appliances you will need in your student house, so don’t forget to go shopping before you start the next fall semester!

1. Coffee Maker and Kettle


It’s not always easy to get yourself out of bed the next morning, especially if you have been at a party the night before or pulling an all-night study session! Therefore, bringing a quality coffee maker into your student house is a must. You and your housemates can brew up the perfect pot of coffee in the mornings to give you all a boost, and you could even get an espresso maker with a milk steamer if you enjoy stronger brews or making lattes and hot chocolates.

Kettles are also a must for those who would prefer a soothing cup of tea rather than a big caffeine hit, especially herbal blends that might help them relax in the evenings.

2. Microwave

Your landlord should have provided larger appliances like a stove/oven, fridge, and freezer. You might even be lucky enough to find an apartment/house that is equipped with a washer-dryer and dishwasher for your convenience. They may even include a microwave, but this isn’t always the case. It is worth investing in a microwave as it can make preparing meals quicker and easier, which is ideal for students with busy schedules. Whether you choose to live off ready meals or you need to defrost portions of homemade dinners you prepared earlier in the week, a microwave can be a lifesaver if you’re trying to eat quickly between classes, a part-time job, or when you’re studying.

3. Tablet/Laptop


Your college library will have plenty of computers to use, but every student needs to have a personal laptop and/or tablet that they can write their assignments on and do research at home. You can also use them to look up job opportunities and other possibilities for your life after college if you’re in your final year. For example, calculate your college GPA on to help figure out what to put on job applications. You might already have a laptop that you have been using for college since your first year, but if it’s starting to run slow or you think a newer model will be better for your particular needs this year, think about taking advantage of your student discounts to treat yourself to a new one.

4. Portable Chargers

Another gadget worth investing in for students is a portable charger to take out with you. This will be perfect for when you’re studying in places that might not have accessible electrical outlets, particularly if you have chosen to study outdoors on a sunny day. They can also be used to keep your phone powered up throughout the day so you can contact friends for social engagements, for work, or in case of emergencies.

5. Noise Cancelling Headphones


Sharing a living space with others can be a lot of fun, but you’ll also have to accept that sometimes the apartment/house might not be the most tranquil place. This is particularly true for students who are still enjoying parties and going on nights out with their friends, so if your housemates do have some of their buddies over, you might find that the noise levels are higher than usual. If you aren’t joining in the festivities, noise-cancelling headphones can help you focus on your studying if that’s what you’re doing, reading on Studocu, watching the shows/movies you like as you relax in your room, or even drift off to sleep as you listen to some calming music if you are trying to get some shut-eye.

6. Smoothie/Juice Maker

Living as a student might mean burning the candle at both ends sometimes, and perhaps your budget will result in dining off ready meals and instant noodles on occasion, too. However, it is still important to make sure you are looking after yourself properly to keep your mind sharp and your body healthy. This includes getting your five-a-day, and one of the easiest ways to incorporate all of those vitamins into your daily routine is by making smoothies. They are great for when you’re on the go, not to mention a wonderfully refreshing beverage, especially on a hot day (or when you have a hangover!) So, consider investing in a smoothie maker or a juicer to have in your student house kitchen so you can all help keep your nutrition balanced.

7. Slow Cooker


Slow cookers are brilliant for preparing comforting, nutritious meals – particularly things like chilli, curries, stews, and casseroles. These are other kitchen gadgets that are ideal for people with busy schedules and can allow you to eat something more wholesome than pre-packaged meals from the local grocery store. Just throw in your ingredients and set the timer, then return home to find your dinner perfectly cooked and ready to eat! You can find some great slow cooker recipes here.

8. Quality Desk Lamp

Even if you have a good overhead light in your bedroom, a quality desk lamp is worth the investment, particularly if your desk is located in a darker corner or you are studying at night. The additional light will be better for your eyes when you’re reading and finding your notes, pens, pencils, etc., on your desk. In addition to this, you should also make sure you are using a supportive desk chair to help support you when you are sitting down, especially for longer study sessions.

If you want to make sure that life in your student house is happy and comfortable, remember to invest in these great gadgets and appliances so that you have everything you need.