Eureka Lightweight Easy Clean Upright Vacuum Cleaner – 2024 Review

Eureka lightweight is one of the popular vacuum cleaners on the market, noticed point this brand prepares only the vacuum cleaner so they reveal the best out of all others. They offer many models and won a good design award in 2007. Eureka lightweight manufacturers hold the best seller position all through the year. This article guides you more and more information about the single product of eureka and reveals better idea.

How Eureka lightweight hold the best seller position prolong?

This brand is ideally known for a vacuum cleaner and they goes on innovating the product with promoting the features and dozens of Eureka vacuum cleaner is seen. From the year of 198o, they start their production and goes on to the market without any pessimistic review.


Salient features of Eureka lightweight easy clean upright vacuum cleaner

Lightweight is in need to have a bagless vacuum cleaner rapidly turns to handheld cleaner.

  • Clean air system prevents the motor
  • 15 feet cord with easy cleanup dust cup
  • Possibility of removing floor nozzle, with bonus cervices nozzle
  • Had a fine telescope handle
  • Only one year of limited warranty

Measuring dimensions:

    • 9 inches x5 ½ inches x 27 inches
    • Weight less than 4 pound
    • 15-foot cord length
    • 81/2 inch cleaning path


  • It is with maximum length and firm handle locks
  • Customized attachment of crevices tool additionally for better result
  • Convenient in usage
  • Better performance in suction
  • Easy and efficient for past used broom


  • Too noisy, as motor naturally makes noise
  • Quality of working performance is not good
  • Frustrating as it not sucks any dust
  • The cord is too short

Immersed with unique features for reducing the allergies

Filled with user-friendly, and extreme exclusive dust trap system absorbs the debris and dust in three stages. It is compact and discreet in size so it allows the mobility and simple to store in any closets.

How to handle the Eureka lightweight easy clean upright vacuum cleaner?

Not to put any objects into the openings. Focused on the opening, that should not block by any, for this you are in need to kept dust, lint, and hair and reduce the air flow. This model has the option of creating suction, so while using you must sure to take care of your hair, loose clothing and other parts of the body, to kept away from the openings.


Store the product indoors and in cool dry area. Take extra care while you are cleaning the stairs. You may use this lightweight vacuum cleaner for quick, easy and effective cleaning of your home. After the each usage, you must need to clean up the dust cup filter regularly.

Bottom line

Eureka lightweight easy clean upright vacuum cleaner is 2 in 1 vacuum so it is easy to carry as its weight is less than 4 pounds. You may able to modify this vacuum cleaner in according to satisfy our needs.