7 Best Professional Carpet Cleaning Products to Buy in 2024

When you don’t clean the carpets regularly, you are putting yourself and your family at huge risk. Depending on what type of material it’s made, the carpets collect a lot of dirt, including dust, human hairs, food particles, or if you spill something, no matter how hard you try, you can’t go that deep to clean it. That’s one of the reasons why most people are choosing professional cleaning services around them, or invite them to perform a deep chemical cleaning at their home.

Most of the reputable cleaning services like kimmiekare.co.nz will offer customized cleaning program that includes specialized products that won’t cause any damage to the delicate materials. Then, they will be able to determine if it’s better to use dry cleaning, steam, or regular washing, depending on the level of dirt and the type of stains on it. A lot of people say that after they hired professionals, or used advanced products, they finally discovered how their carpets really look like, being able to recognize the real colors and patterns.

The reason is that the usual products and cleaners are not that powerful and that if we really want to have them, we should be ready to pay a lot because they are pretty expensive. On the other hand, some people can afford that, but they don’t know where and how to start, and what they really need, so we decided to complete a list of the best and most useful carpet cleaning products this year.

1. A multifunctional cleaner

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There are so many brands and products, and finding the right one. For example, you can start with a powerful vacuum cleaner, or even a robot vacuum, to use almost every day to collect the tiniest pieces of dirt. Or, you can invest in a specialized carpet cleaner, that you often can use for the furniture too. Our suggestion is to check the market, see what they offer, and find a good multifunctional cleaner that includes vacuuming, deep cleaning, dry vacuuming, or wet cleaning and an option for drying the carpet at the end. You can research the topic and find really good deals, and buy yourself a good machine that you will be able to handle.

2. Powder for dry cleaning

This is a cheap solution because you only put the powder over the whole surface, and then wait about 20-30 minutes for it to absorb the odor, moisture, and some dirt, and then just vacuum it. The particles are going deep enough in the wool carpets and rugs, and you can even choose to use the brushing end of your vacuum cleaner for better results. This is also a great solution when something spills, because the powder can soak up the moisture, and won’t leave an unpleasant smell after the cleaning. You can find plenty of products like this in the stores or online.

3. Stain removers

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In order to find a good one, you have to know what type of fabric your carpet is made of, so you can be sure it won’t cause damages. But, in most cases, you can go for a multifunctional stain remover, for a different types of stains, including food, oil, mold, and so on. Try to use products that won’t destroy the fabrics and colors. Usually, you can use the same product for your rugs, curtains, and furniture. You only need to put it over the stain, wait a few minutes, and then wipe it down.

4. Eco shampoos

Today we have a lot of choices online and in stores, and we can really find an eco-friendly formula that is safe for your family and pets, and that won’t damage the fabric. These shampoos are often suitable for wet machine cleaning, but you also need to use the drying option too. But, they are easy to use with a usual brush. It helps to remove the stains, microorganisms, and food particles that cause odors. Surely, you can choose an ordinary product, but we recommend you buy an eco-friendly one, because it’s not tested on animals, it’s safe for the environment, and in most cases, it’s suitable for vegans and vegetarians too.

5. Instant stain remover

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They usually come in a form of a spray, and you can sue it when you spill something, for immediate intervention. Just a few sprays will prevent absorbing the dirt like coffee spills, food, blood, juices, and makeup products. You can go for a universal stain remover that is suitable for most of the dirt and textiles.

6. Absorbing clothes and handy brushes

This is a good product to have since you will have to react immediately in most cases. It goes together with the stain removers, and sometimes you just need to absorb the leftovers, and in other cases to use a little force and brush it off, until the carpet is completely clean.

7. Carpet fresheners

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This is not really a cleaning product, but it’s always a nice idea to have one, so you can refresh the carpet every day, preventing the odors to stay longer and make your home smell like dirt and moisture. Surely you know that the carpets are keeping a lot of smells on them, depending on the fabrics, and not everyone has the opportunity to clean them up professionally every day. So, the eco-friendly spray freshener can really make a huge difference and maintain the pleasant smell in your home. Again, we recommend using the eco-friendly option, because it’s better for you, and your whole family, including the pets.

When choosing the right product for you, it’s always good to check the users’ experience online or to ask your friends for a recommendation. You don’t need to go for the expensive brands, because the affordable ones have really good products that will help you keep the carpets in your home always fresh and clean. When it comes to multi-cleaners, you have to choose them carefully, because it’s a huge investment, but the other products are affordable, and even if you don’t like something, you can easily replace it immediately.

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