Best Kitchen Chimney

A kitchen chimney is an electrical appliance that works efficiently for the absorption of smoke and fumes from the kitchen. The kitchen chimney functions to make the kitchen chimney free of oil, smoke, and dirt. In this modern world, kitchen chimney has become digitized and modernized. Kitchen chimneys add great style to kitchen décor. There are so many stylish kitchen chimneys available online.

The main function of the traditional kitchen chimney was to transport the heat of the kitchen to the outer area. But a modern kitchen chimney is capable of doing much more. There are a good number of main functions of modern kitchen chimneys. Modern kitchen chimneys are designed to absorb and extract the heat, grease, smoke, food fragrance, and oiliness from the kitchen.

India Cooking and Kitchen Chimneys


Indian cooking requires a lot of oil, spices, simmering, and sautéing. So, Indian kitchens are a great hub of greasiness and oiliness. Daily cooking of Indian kitchens includes cooking of larges spices, which is a bigger challenge for Indian engineers. There are many companies that have engineered special kitchen chimneys for Indian kitchens and you can find best-selling kitchen chimneys at and will help to choose right one based on your needs.

Types of the Kitchen Chimneys


There are multiple types of kitchen chimneys. Different types are below:

1. Wall-Mounted Chimney

This is one of the most famous kitchen chimneys that you can access in this world. Indian kitchens have cooking platforms located near the walls. So, wall-mounted kitchen chimneys are quite famous in India. Wall-mounted kitchen chimneys also come with ducts. But there is also a large variety of wall-mounted kitchen chimneys that are ductless.

Ductless kitchen chimneys filter the air and send it back into the kitchen.

2. Straight Lines of Kitchen Chimneys

Normally, Indian kitchens are small. Not much thought is given to the space of Indian kitchens. Then, you can go with the straight lines of kitchen chimneys. These kitchen chimneys can fit in the small kitchen space and extend on the cooking range only.

These kitchen chimneys do not only suck the heat and greasiness from overtop of the cooking range but also other parts of the kitchen. The main benefit is that it fits well above the cooking range, saving you a lot of space.

3. Auto-Clean Advanced Kitchen Chimneys

There are so many kitchen chimneys in India. But auto-clean advanced kitchen chimneys have their charm and benefits.

The kitchen chimney needs regular cleaning for the removal of grime and soot. Indians like to consume spicy and oily food. It consists of the small oily particles that get stuck in filters. This can affect the chimney’s functionality to a greater extent. So, you need to keep on cleaning kitchen chimneys regularly. Otherwise, kitchen chimneys will get disrupted.

Now you have the option of Auto-Clean Kitchen Chimneys. These kitchen chimneys are ideal for all types of kitchen chimneys.

What Does Kitchen Chimneys Consist Of?


A kitchen chimney basically consists of three parts, which include a panel for containment of rising gases, a grease filter or oil collectors, and a fan for proper ventilation. There are different important parts of the kitchen chimneys – of which filters are the most important.

Filters of the Kitchen Chimney


The main part of the kitchen chimney filters. There are many types of filters available that serve different purposes. Read the following understand Mesh Filters in-depth:

1. Kitchen Chimney: Mesh Filters (Cassette Filters)

In kitchens, people cook food that contains oil and many spices. So, the kitchen contains greasy and oily particulars including the soot. So, the kitchen chimney with mesh filters consists of the filters. These filters consist of multiple aluminum layers or stainless steel mesh filters. This filter system traps the solid particles in the mesh filters. It enables the smoke to escape away.

There is one downside to the kitchen chimneys with mesh filters. Mesh filters are high-maintenance.

2. Kitchen Chimneys: Baffle Filters

This is an improvement over the traditional kitchen chimneys of mesh filters. Indian kitchen chimney consists of so baffling filters mostly now. The main design of the baffle filters have panels that consist of multiple curves.

It is quite easier to maintain and clean the baffle filters than mesh filters.

3. Kitchen Chimney: Carbon Filters

Water purifiers also use the carbon filters. These same chimneys are also inserted in the chimneys. Carbon filters remove the bad smell of food from the kitchen. Carbon filters, as the name suggests, consist of charcoal. Ductless and duct chimneys can use carbon filters.

Suction Power of the Kitchen Chimney


A kitchen chimney features a suction power that sucks the air from the kitchen. Suction power is an important component of the kitchen chimney that should be considered while purchasing a kitchen chimney.

A kitchen chimney should be capable of extracting air from a kitchen 10 times more. In India, suction power is represented in a cubic meter per hour. So, if the volume of a kitchen space is 50 cubic meters, suction power should be 500 cubic meters per hour. This must give you a good knowledge of the suction power of Indian kitchens.

Size of the Kitchen Chimneys


The main rule for purchasing kitchen chimneys is that the kitchen chimney should not exceed the size and width of your cooking range. Kitchen chimney manufacturers offer two sizes, which are 60cm and 90 cm. A 60 cm kitchen chimney is suitable for a typical Indian kitchen.

A 60 cm kitchen chimney is sufficient for 2 burners. However, if you go above the 2 burners, you can always choose the 90 cm kitchen chimney.

Maintenance and Cleaning of the Kitchen Chimney


The kitchen chimney should never be high-maintenance – it becomes a headache for the house.

Nowadays, kitchen chimneys come with auto-cleaning features as well as removable filters. So, it becomes to maintain the kitchen chimneys in India.

Bottom Line

To choose a kitchen chimney for your kitchen, you need to consider the size, filters, suction power, and maintenance of the kitchen. For each category of options, you must consider the size and width of your kitchen. If you are confused about which kitchen chimney to buy, you can read reviews of the kitchen chimney. So, put your mind into the kitchen width and purchase the highly useful and functional kitchen chimney.