How to Use a Cob LED Lights in Photography

If you love photography, and you like to do macro photography of small objects, then this lighting solution will be an indispensable tool. LED strips are a lighting system that is increasingly accepted due to its design and functionality in various applications. If you want simple, fast and cheap lighting, you will benefit a lot from them. This is a very practical and ingenious solution for lighting the space. It allows you to get a beautiful, soft and volumetric light.

Suitable for photographers to shoot both in the photo studio and on the go. Quick to mount and mount, lightweight and easy to carry. Gives soft and natural light, does not flicker even after prolonged use. Ideal for capturing digital photos and videos. The luminous flux can be adjusted with a dimmer on the device itself or with a remote control.

Lighting in a photo studio


Studio lighting includes devices and accessories used for lighting and modification of lighting in study conditions, as well as when it is necessary to create study conditions when working in the field, whether in open or closed space. The key difference between flashes and lighting, in terms of continuous lighting, is that working with lighting is far more comfortable for the cameraman, and often for models. The cameraman does not have to synchronize the camera with the flash and always knows that he will get exactly what he sees in the photo while shooting.

On the other hand, the price of lighting is slightly higher than the price of flashes. Lighting can be based on lamps or LED technology. This technology is used in almost every photography space. The spotlights today are mostly LED and can be very large, like the spotlights used in TV and film studios, and there are also LED spotlights that are mounted on the camera and give a very directional light. Lighting sales are showing a special growth in the segment of small LED lights for the camera, which are slightly weaker than the flash, but, unlike the flash, they can work for a long time without interruption.

Types of LED strips

They are produced and delivered in different lengths. They can be shortened to different lengths depending on specific wishes and needs, because there are marked parts on the tape itself where it can be broken and then assembled using connectors visible on each side. After assembly, cob led flexible strip lights are connected to switches and the power source, which enables its switching on and off and control of colors and intensity.

Since they are a means of indirect lighting, they are most often found in ducts and suspended ceilings as an additional source of lighting. Whether it is a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room or any part of your house, LED strips can effectively illuminate the space. They do not cause eye fatigue because they do not provide direct lighting and you could even choose from different color temperatures like those COB LED lights that COLBOR offers.

Which COB led strip lighting do I need?

Since there are different series of LED lights, you can choose the ones that best suit your needs. This means that you will choose between different voltages, lighting and colors. If you do not know what to choose, try to find out all about the characteristics of cob led lights, because that way you will know what you really need.

What are COB LEDs?

So cob led light strip is more than LED chip. They connect directly to the substrate to form a single mogul. The biggest advantage of these chips is that they can be installed so that they take up less space. There are also more panels for lighting than for individual lights. We must note that it contains many more light sources in the same area compared to standard LEDs.

Regardless of the number of diodes on the chip, the device will have only one coil on two contacts for the entire chip. The possibilities of application cover a wide range. Initially, it was used as an indication tool on many technical devices, but today the restrictions on the market have been overcome.



In addition to the above advantages, we must mention a few other important characteristics that cob led light strip has. The straps are extremely flexible and evenly distributed. The diodes are so small and closely spaced that no point of the strip is exactly the same. Based on this layout, it is possible to easily install the strips without special equipment. Due to the high flexibility, it will be much easier for you to fit into narrow areas.


The traditional lighting system with wires and switches passes through the walls and the LED strip lights are especially different. This innovative lighting system does not require a complex cable system and wall drilling to function.

Positioning of the object in relation to light

You will use the greatest potential of cob led lights if you position the object correctly in relation to the light source. In addition to front, side and backlighting, there are many techniques that can significantly affect photography. The closer the light source is to the object, the bigger it will look. The same rule applies to the reverse situation. Your object will look softer the wider the light source. The reason is the reduced contrast and shadows, which suppresses the texture.

A narrow light source contributes to a stronger effect, and the object looks firmer and clearer. On the other hand, you can create the diffusion of scattered light or scatter light in different directions to soften the light source. In that case, you can use a piece of white cloth or some transparent plastic.


Durability, safety, security, wide range of colors, variety of shapes, environmental performance are just some of the many advantages of using cob led light strip. Thanks to these features, your photos will look amazing. Don’t forget that lighting is one of the most important items you need to consider when it comes to photography. So choose natural lighting instead of those that emit yellowish-orange light. This choice makes a huge difference and a leap in quality and economy, so it is definitely worth it.