How to Properly Power Wash Your Concrete Driveway – 2024 Guide

Keeping your house clean indoors is just as important as making it look prim and proper on the outside. The concrete driveway does not need cleaning everyday but once in a while, power washing is recommended.

It is extremely easy to do yourself if you know which steps to follow. Pressure washing can be done within 4 hours and is dependent on a person’s comfort with the machine. Along with knowing how to pressure wash the driveway one should also know certain safety tips. We have included all the necessary information in this guide.

Focus on the Area


Just because you are pressure washing does not mean that general cleaning should be neglected. Removing dirt and other trash is the first step. It is necessary for more convenience during the actual process. One can also use rooms and leaf blowers for the process. Additionally, the pressure is pretty high so it can also damage the potted plants or other decorative items located nearby.

Make sure to move them out of the way as well because any flying debris is a safety hazard. If you are considering covering the plants with the tarp make sure that the process is dumb as soon as possible. A tarp usually damages the plants so make sure it does not take all day. When we talk about focusing on the area, we also mean looking at its general geography.

This means that one should look at the highest and the lowest point of the driveway. The highest point is where you should begin and make your way towards the lowest part. This is because the water will flow naturally from the highest to the lowest point. You should also flow away from you rather than coming towards you. It will help in all the dirt accumulating in one space and not going back to the rest of the concrete path.

Use a Degreaser

If you did not hear this term before, it is alright. A degreaser specifically used for concrete pathways and removing stains from it. Since you are going to use a pressure washer it is essential to know about a degreaser. Some power washers also have a special nozzle for the degreasing. The process of applying it just includes putting it on the concrete especially with visible stains. After boring the solution use a bristle brush and scrub it along the surface.

Read the Manual


The next natural step is to rush to the machine and get started as soon as possible. However, you cannot neglect reading the user manual. It takes a few minutes to know all the instructions and follow them step by step. The specifications of different machines vary according to manufacturers.

The spray wand should be connected to the washer which is connected to a water supply. While checking all the connections also run at trial so that you get an idea of how the pressure impacts the concrete. Depending on the intensity of the pressure, even concrete can be damaged. So trying the machine on a small spot which is not visible right away is probably the best approach.

Also, understand the direction in which the dirt will flow to protect yourself accordingly. With power washing there is also a chance of some dirt flying and coming right at you. The machine needs to be angled right so that the person performing the washing is protected at all times. Some precautions that manufacturers recommend are wearing clothes that cover your arms and legs using eye gear. Medical attention immediately in case of an injury while using a power washer.

Begin with the Cleaning

Once you have an idea of the pressure and no we are to begin, get started. Prolonging the preparations will only make one more nervous. So, begin by pointing the spraying wand in the right direction and at the right angle. Each small area needs to be watched at least a couple of times back and forth so that all the small articles of dirt are successfully removed.

In the spots where there is degreez on the stains keep putting water on it so that it does it work properly. The beginning of the cleaning should use a lower pressure. After about 15 minutes of cleaning the general area, switch to a high pressure nozzle. Use targeted angles and stay somewhat closer to the concrete surface for more visible stains.

While using a high pressure nozzle, it is the time to work with the degreaser and remove it completely. The stain should feed or be invisible by this time. Once you feel satisfied, keep the machine aside and let the water dry out in the sun. Roof Cleaning and Power Washing both require some skills and expertise so visit this site to know more about power washing and how to do it yourself.

Seal the Concrete


Sealing happens after the driveway has dried out completely. At the time of its construction many people do not invest in a sealant which leads to staining. A roller should work well enough to seal in the concrete away from any future staining.

One coat of the sealant is enough but it needs at least 24 hours to dry out. Using this chemical will not only protect the drives from further staining but it will also improve the appearance of the path. Only after you wait for a day should you use the driveway again regularly.

The Takeaway

Completing the entire process is extremely easy if one knows where to begin and how to finish. The drive is generally neglected by many homeowners. It should be regularly clean to give a good appearance to any onlooker. The concrete sustains a lot of stains over the time of the driveway being used. Wild these stains are not impacting the structural strengths of the concrete; they do not look aesthetically pleasing. Our washing is a great way to properly clean the concrete driveway.