Key Documents for Your Tourist Visa

The world is becoming a Global village and moving from one country to another is now very much possible. People are traveling for pleasure, business and even to relocate. A recent study showed that 30% of people have either lived abroad or taken a vacation outside of the country. If you’re planning on going abroad anytime soon, chances are you’ve thought about the paperwork that you’ll need to take with you. Before you apply for any visa you must learn about all its requirements whether its work visa or spouse indefinite leave to remain so continue reading this article to learn about tourist visa

Why do you need a tourist visa?


Many people dream of traveling the world but things are not as simple. Most of the countries of the world require you to obtain a visa for their country since without a visa you will not be allowed to enter the country. A tourist visa is an official permission letter from the authorities for a person to visit a country for tourism purposes. A person on a tourist visa is not allowed to acquire any sort of job or to start any business in the country or visit.

The visa application process for a tourist visa varies from one nation to another depending on their immigration laws and local requirements. In some cases, transit and other types of visas may be required before entering the destination country. Many countries require visitors to have an advance ticket and enough financial support to afford the complete tour. All this documentation needs to be recorded and submitted carefully in order to avoid any hurdles in processing your application.

Documents required for a tourist visa


The United Kingdom is known for its tourism. It has tourism as one of its biggest industries with millions of tourists visiting the UK every year with the purpose of tourism. A record number of tourists visited the UK in 2015, and it’s estimated that 3.8 million international tourists will visit the UK in 2016. However, it can be difficult to know what documents are needed when applying for a UK tourist visa.

  • UK visa application form: The visa application form is specified for each type of visa. It can either be filled on the form available online on the official website of Home Office or a printed hard copy form
  • Two photographs. Two recent colored photographs. The photographs can be maximum of 6 months old.
  • Your Valid Passport: The passport is required to be valid for a minimum of 3 months after the date of your departure from the UK after your visit.
  • Proof of your enough financial sources to afford your stay in the UK: These documents can be either your bank statement for the last six months of the salary slips you received for the last 6 months proving the income you mentioned.
    Proof of accommodation. Document for proving that you have sufficient arrangements for living in the UK. You must present the proof of residence even if its dues are not cleared completely.
  • Detailed travel itinerary. You need to submit the document with your complete travel plan in detail. You will need to state the reason for your visit to the UK in detail along with the agenda of your meetings during your stay, days of your traveling to different places, tours you have booked beforehand, etc.
  • Tuberculosis Test Results. People from different countries are required to submit the test for Tuberculosis and submit the report that they are negative for the disease to be allowed to enter the UK.
  • Biometric information. In case you are applying for the visa category that will allow you to stay in the UK for more than 6 months then you would be required to submit your biometric information. You will need to submit your fingerprints and digital photographs that are to be taken at allocated biometric appointment centers.
  • UK visa invitation letter. In case you are visiting the UK upon the invitation of a friend or a family and you will be staying with them then you will be required to submit an invitation letter from your host. The host must be either British Citizen or a legal permanent resident
  • Paid UK visa fees. Receipt of your payment of UK visa processing fees.

Translated document from any authorized department for any evidence document which is not in English or Walsh originally.

Top 5 most-asked questions about traveling and documents


1. How does COVID-19 affect your travel?

If you are traveling during the COVID19 era heads up since rules and regulations are changing with each new day. In this case, you are often asked to bring some new documents with you. These can be COVID 19 reports, vaccination certificates, the latest testing (not older than 48 hours, etc). Every country is different and regulations can vary from one place to the other, as well as from one airline to the other.

2. Do you need travel insurance?

Travel insurance is an important document to carry while traveling to foreign nations. It is a document that will come in handy. Most travelers like to purchase a proper traveling policy in advance, and most of them can be purchased online. There is a lot of different traveling policies and plans that one might prefer and go for, all available for full customization per your needs.

3. Do you need to book accommodation?

It would depend on your destination country and where you’re going. For example, to get your Schengen visa, proof of accommodation booking, or if someone has invited you, a formal invitation from the host with a copy of his/her passport would be required. This applies to every Schengen country and area.

4. Would airline e-tickets be enough and sufficient enough to carry, or do you need to have hard copies of the same?

In almost any given situation you will have a ticket on your phone. Just make sure that you check if it is a full ticket and not a partial one. If you wish to be extra safe you can bring a hard copy with you and show it before your flight.

5. What about tourist Schengen Visa?

A Tourist Schengen Visa permits third-country nationals to enter the Schengen Area for up to 90 days and for a 6-month period max. If you are a non-European citizen willing to travel to Europe for tourism purposes you might need a short-term Schengen visa that you can get under the “tourist” specification.

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