7 Best Indoor Bug Zapper To buy in 2024

Although the summer season is over, outdoor wildlife can surprise you with loads of different bugs, as well as insects that are hiding nearby. Cozy fires, heat lamps, as well as fireplaces, are just some of the ways for you to attract a bug into your home, along with plenty of food, bread crumbs, as well as beverages. This is why you should get yourself a bug zapper! With this handy little tool, you will feel safe and protected, and your home will stay squeaky clean, literally! Keep on reading and find your perfect model down below.

7 Best Indoor Bug Zapper To buy in 2024

1. Crioxen – Indoor Bug Zapper With UV Light

Source: crioxen.com

This model is super easy to install in any socket, and it is safe to use around your pets. You can also use it for any kind of flying insects. This indoor bug zapper is a UV zapper that uses ultraviolet light that attracts insects. Thanks to its combination of 4 LED lamps, it can create enough power and attract pests within the 500 sq range. All you have to do is install one device per each separate room, and you will end up with the ultimate full-coverage, protection, as well as a convenient solution for your bedroom. The company has been around for quite some time, and they’ve sold their products to over 100,000 satisfied Americans while being located in Georgia.

2. Loytio Bug Zapper

You can use the Loytio bug zapper and kill indoor and outdoor bugs thanks to its zapper light which emits 4,200V electric shock. Because of this amount of power, every bug will be dead in just one zap! This tool will not waste your electricity and is considered an affordable model. It will last you for 30,000 hours and is safe to use around your kids. All you have to do is clean it and remove the tray which collected your dead bugs. Dust away, rinse out with warm water. Put it back in piece and place, and you’ll be good to go.

3. Zap It Bug Zapper

Source: onbuy.com

This tool is a bit unusual as well as different when compared to other models. All you have to do is press a button when you see a fly or an insect at your home. Thanks to its power of 4,000 volts, the swing will easily eliminate the bug that you’re aiming to kill. There is also the racket that you can touch since it is safe, as well as non-harming thanks to its mesh net. Since the item is activated only with the press of a button, you will easily use it in front of your kids, as well as around your pets. Simply turn it on or off, and adjust it per your needs.

4. Livin’ Well Bug Zapper

This is a weatherproof solution, which is great for people who live in a place where the climate changes quickly and drastically. You can leave the zapper outside your home even during poor weather conditions, and it will still work once you turn it back on. People love this model since it is flood-resistant, and it has an amazing lifespan! In fact, it can last for 8,000 hours, which is quite a lot when compared to other models. You can use it around your home or in your apartments. There is also the 1,500-foot range, which means that every bug that is nearby will be zapped with ease.

5. Wellgoo Electronic Bug Zapper

Source: fnktub.com

This is probably the most affordable bug zapper that you can find on the market. This is an electronic bug zapper that uses UV light bulbs to lure the insects. Once they arrive and as they are attracted to the light, the tool will electrocute them immediately. All of the bugs are collected in the tray which is easy to clean out. You can place the model indoor or outdoor, depending on your needs. This model is quite small and easy to carry around, which means that you might appreciate it for your next future trips.

6. Black + Decker Outdoor Bug Zapper

This model is quite unusual yet pretty at the same time. If you are someone who cares a lot about their aesthetic, as well as home interior and exterior design, you will appreciate this model. It can lure the insects with its non-toxic UV light, and it is safe to use around your pets or your kids. Do not use it near your babies, however. This bug zapper is the best go-to for outdoor use, as well as family camping trips. It is not too pricey either and will suit smaller places the best.

7. Katchy Indoor Insect Trap

Source: youtube.com

Last, but not least, you can go for this model by Katchy. It is the perfect zapper for indoor places, as well as indoor use. Bugs who end up escaping indoors will get zapped off immediately. If you are dealing with fruit flies, gnats or indoor mosquitos, this is your perfect machine and tool for your everyday use! Just as most of our reviewed models, this one too uses the UV light to attract nearby bugs to your home. Once they arrive, the machine turns on its own and vacuums the bugs while tricking them in there and trapping them onto sticky glue traps. It is a quick and easy solution, as well as the perfect kind for indoor pests.

Ready to say bye-bye to insects once and for all?

So, are you ready to keep your home in order, clean, as well as bug-free? You can also use these zappers for your apartment as well, just find the one that suits you. Luckily for you, there are seven different models that you can browse through. Each kind has its pros and cons, and different zappers will suit different interior or exterior places. Our personal favorite is the Crioxen – Indoor Bug Zapper With UV Light, which you might love and prefer for the entire upcoming year!