How Big Should A Bedroom Rug Be?

Your bedroom is your personal space that is purely decorated with your desirable designing accessories. Do you want your bedroom to be a lovely and soothing environment where every day begins and ends happily, regardless of what occurs in between?

In any room, a nice bed and warm blankets are a requirement. A rug, on the other hand, is an essential bedroom item that provides a warm and inviting touch to your space while also providing a sense of anchoring. However, there are a number of more reasons why you should have rugs in your room! Expert interior designers at the best Muse Design have tried to embellish many of the bedrooms with classic rug styles. And with their expert’s view adding a rug will certainly add a great value statement to any room.

However, determining what rug size is appropriate for your area can be tricky. There are a huge variety of choices available to select the size of rug. You can’t go with a one standard size rug in your bedroom. The type or size of rug you choose for your bedroom depends on the size of the room and bed. Let’s see how you can determine the size of the rug for your bedroom!

How To Determine The Size Of Rug For Your Bedroom

We’ll walk you through a rug size guide to help you figure out which rug size is right for you. Read on for some room design inspiration, as well as information on the best rug sizes and patterns for rooms of various sizes and shapes, from living rooms to small bedrooms, king-size beds to twin beds, and everything in between. Let’s Dive in to know about the different sizes of rugs with different sizes of beds.

The Best Rug Sizes for King Beds

The size of the rug varies differently with the size of the bed and of course the space of your bedroom. For the king-size beds, you must be needing the largest size of rug. I’ll let you know about the different sizes of rugs that can be suited with the king-size beds. Let’s have a look!


King Bed With a 9×12 Rug

The best option is to go with the king-size bed id 9 x 12 in your master bedroom. This size rug is big enough to cover the significant area in your bedroom. However, keep in mind to leave the space at the corners of the bed.

You’d have enough rug to make a bank at the foot of the bed and yet have enough to walk beyond it. Even if you have bedside tables, a 9 by 12 rug will fit between them. A 9 x 12 rug feels proportional to the size of a King bed, despite its size.

King Bed With an 8×10 Rug

A rug with 8 x 10 size measurements will also look good in your master bedroom with your king-size bed. It’ll not be able to cover the ends of the bed. If you want to cover the end or opposite side of the bed then you must consider keeping it a bit away from the nightstands. Because it does not take up as much space as 9 x 12 room rugs, this rug size is perfect for small main bedrooms with King-Size beds.

The Best Rug Sizes for Queen Beds

Because a queen bed has a smaller bed area, you have more alternatives when it comes to selecting the correct rug size. It all depends on the size and shape of your room. However, we can suggest different sizes of rugs that may look good with your queen beds.


Queen Bed With a 9×12 Rug

We also believe that if you have square photographs to back it up, a 9 x 12 rug is the best size for a bedroom rug beneath a queen bed. It’s big enough to fit on both sides of the bed, at the foot of the bed, and beneath the front legs of your bedside tables. We appreciate how it takes up a lot of floor space around the bed, enabling the bulk of the rug design to show through. A 9 x 12 rug is rather large when compared to a queen-size bed, giving it a noticeable aesthetic impression.

Queen Bed With an 8×10 Rug

A rug with 8 to 10 pieces is a standard rug size, and it looks fantastic in a master bedroom or guest room with a double bed. It still spans the width of the bed with around two feet on each side, but you can’t have the rug’s edge beneath your bedside tables to show sufficiently at the foot of the bed. rugs in the 8-10 range are less expensive and simpler to find, and they fit a queen bed’s dimensions. The only downside of this rug size is that much of the design will be obscured by the bed.

Queen Bed With Two 5×7 Rugs

It’s good with the queen size bed that you consider placing rugs on both sides This is a great feature for long and small rooms, since rugs run the length of the room on both sides of the bed, providing a comfortable landing for your feet! A pair of 5 x 7 rugs allows you to see almost the whole design on both sides, which is ideal for rugs with intricate patterns and beautiful motifs. This approach also has the benefit of being adaptable, since you may use the same size rug in different sections of your house. Purchasing two-bedroom rugs of this size rather than a 9 x 12 rug may possibly be more cost-effective. However, you will need two of these. Because there is a section of the floor at the end of the bed that isn’t covered by a rug, you’d have to avoid putting a bank or trunk there because it wouldn’t seem good.

The Best Rug Sizes for Full and Twin Beds

It is the most crucial consideration when you have to find a rug with two twin beds. You have to look for the overall room size and must consider the bed frames. Read a few of our considerable suggestions to find out which size of rug you must go with twin beds.


Full Bed With a 6×9 Rug

You can consider adding a rug with a 6 x 9 area rug. This is the most common rug size that is being used nowadays. Adding this size of the rug will give a span to the width of the bed too. However, it doesn’t cover an area like an 8 x 10 size rug but it will cover a considerable space in your room. However, if you’re looking for small bedroom rugs. This rug’s size is ideal for creating a big effect without taking up the entire room.

Twin Bed With a 5×7 Rug

A room with a twin or double bed needs a smaller size of rug. Using a 5 x 7 area rug would be enough to add a touch of interest to your room. This size of rug covers the width of the bed and leaves the remaining area at the end. The rug you choose must have a pattern to integrate the functionality and give a blending look.

The best 5 x 7 rugs are available at an affordable price. They’re perfect for keeping a double bed from sliding across a bedroom’s wooden floor, which is especially beneficial for families with boisterous children. When the double bed is placed against a wall in a small bedroom, you may also flip the rug a long way.

To Wrap Up!

How big should a bedroom rug be? The above article contains information related to different sizes of rug that suits the different bed styles. You may choose the size of the rug according to your bedroom style or your room area. Find out the right size rug for you!