DBPOWER X101C Review 2024

Are you looking for the best quadcopter with an extended range? Do you want to buy a quadcopter with excellent features? If you continue reading this article, you can know the best quadcopter and it is really worth your money too. Are you ready to know? Let’s go!!

Table of contents:

  1. Features of the DBPOWER X101C
    • Design
    • Headless mode
    • 3D flips and rolls
    • 3D function
    • FPV real time transmission
    • Remote control
    • Throttle limit
    • Additional attachments
  2. Final conclusion

Features of the DBPOWER X101C:

DBPOWER is a leading provider in the quadcopter industry and they are offering high-quality quadcopters with several numbers of updated features. Before going to invest your money on any quadcopter, read this review to know which is the best quadcopter to you and what makes your aerial photography the best?

  1. Design:

DBPOWER X101C features an avant-garde design and it is easy to set up. Moreover, it is very easy to use and easy to control. The white color gives an elegant look to the quadcopter.

  1. Headless mode:

In order to provide efficiency, it is featured with the headless mode. The headless mode of this quadcopter helps beginners and there is no need to adjust the position of the quadcopter before flying. The one key return function helps to recall the aircraft easily.

  1. 3D flips and rolls:

It comes with an excellent feature of 3D flips and rolls. With this feature, it can roll left, right, up and down by 360 degrees so that it can captures images efficiently.

  1. 3D function:

With this feature, you can use your own VR headset to explore from the skies.

  1. FPV real time transmission:

The DBPOWER X101C is equipped with the 1MP 720P camera which allows you to see what the drone sees so that you can monitor real-time video via your phone directly and efficiently.

  1. Remote control:

You can easily control the quadcopter by using the remote and it offers excellent remote control distance which is about 100 meters.

  1. Throttle limit:

This is the important feature of the quadcopter and this feature allows you to adjust the altitude limiter settings on the transmitter according to your preferences so that you can control the drone from flying away from you.

  1. Additional attachments:

You can get product package, welcome guide, teaching video and fan-friendly customer service along with the DBPOWER X101C.


  1. It can work both on the android and iPhone.
  2. It comes with a battery that is rechargeable.
  3. It offers durability and is inexpensive to buy.
  4. It is an FPV aircraft and comes with a decent high-quality camera.
  5. Its sleek design and white color attract user attention.
  6. The battery lasts about 10 minutes and it offers a lot of fun while flying.



Final conclusion:

If you want to enjoy the flying experience with the drone, then the DBPOWER X101C is an obvious choice. You can buy and gift this wonderful quadcopter to your friend and child so that they can enjoy more fun.