10 Reasons To Choose Timber Windows 2024

Owners of private houses or apartments in a multi-story building always think about purchasing quality components for their homes. This concerns both interior items and more functional elements such as windows, doors and much more. This is especially true for the first ones, because an efficient glass unit will protect your house from rain, wind and provide heat for many years.

High-quality timber sash windows are superior to PVC glazing ones, look very impressive, and correspond to building standards. Why choose natural wooden windows? Let’s have a look at the main advantages of such double glazing unit.

Main reasons for choosing timber over PVC

Wooden windows differ from plastic ones by ten parameters, which will bring benefit when installing the glass unit:

1. Painting of timber window frames

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During the production of windows from wood, a special coating is applied to the surface, which includes micro-pores. Such impregnation is able to provide a high level of protection with minimal care. The product is applied before the assembly. Thus, the wood is protected from moisture absorption and gain a much longer service life. The impregnation is carried out as follows: a base coat is applied to the wood, then a primer overlay, the final step is two layers of micro-porous paint. This coating will serve up to 8 years without the need for an additional painting of timber window frames. For a simple change of frame color, you can process the window with the desired shade without the preliminary grinding.

2. The glass includes additional edges for security.

It is installed from inside the room, which means that strangers will not be able to get into your apartment by removing the glass from the outer side.

3. Silicone gaskets provide additional protection against leakage and blowing.

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At the factory, a layer of silicone is applied to both sides of the window, it can be transparent or colored. The material will provide the appropriate level of seal.

4. Each window is equipped with channels for ventilation.

They can protect the glass unit from a premature breakdown. The window will not mist up, as water from the inside of frame will evaporate. Even if water droplets penetrate through the tiniest holes, the moisture will quickly evaporate and the condensation will not cause you any troubles.

5. A multi-layered wood is used in the manufacture of windows.

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The fibers resist each other, thus minimizing its deformation and twisting. Such material for creating double-glazed windows and doors has been used for many years in Northern Europe and Scandinavia. The different wooden elements, from which the frame is manufactured, contribute to the natural flow of moisture: the drops are not collected on the window surface. If you decide to install common wooden windows, then after a while you may notice that the timber swells and curls as a consequence of the moisture, which can not be said about the multi-layer material.

6. Wooden glazing unit

A wooden glazing unit provides twice the protection for your home than the classic PVC glazing. Wooden windows have improved thermal insulation properties. This allows to provide a low U value. To improve the efficiency of double-glazed windows, the empty cavity is filled with argon gas. Spacing strips are also used, which have a low conductivity. Due to this, edge losses are minimized. As a result of the installation of a wooden double-glazed window, the following indicator will be like this: the heat transfer coefficient is 1,1 W/m2K (for the central panel). Thanks to this you can save up to 80% of the electricity that you could spend on heating the room.

7. The glazing units present a noteworthy optical clarity.

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Specialists produce glass using new technologies. They provide a higher level of thermal performance and benefit greater transparency. The difference is clearly visible in comparison with low-emission glasses, which have a hard coating. Glasses in wooden windows yield a light transmission coefficient of up to 77%, which means that during the daytime of the year, enough light will penetrate inside your home. You can even maintain or expand the visibility by regular maintenance or cleaning of windows. Products from companies such as Bax Clean can help you with this.

8. Special gaskets

The windows are equipped with special gaskets that provide low conductivity. They help to reduce heat loss and condensation on the inner part of the window.

9. Repair of timber windows

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Ugly gaps may appear between the frame and the edge of the glass, which can be easily covered with the ribbed edge of the glazing. In classic windows, fractures can appear in the painting. Especially they often appear in places where the roller touches the window frame during the painting. To get rid of this problem, you can execute a minimal repair of timber windows: the edge of the glazing moves towards the sash.

10. Timber window restoration

Wooden windows have high-quality security locks. Bolts are fixed on several points on the sash, the openers are securely connected to the window. You can perform a timber window restoration and install additional protection as locks, which will prevent the full opening of the window. They are suitable in homes where there are small children.

By choosing wooden windows, you make an invaluable contribution to the future, because you will no longer need to regularly monitor the performance and check the insulation effectiveness. Glass units will perfectly fit in any interior and will look great in a private home or apartment.

Wrapping Up

Now you know that natural wooden windows are much better than classic PVC glass ones. Manufactured in a special way, they do not require a special care. You only need to wipe the glass several times per year and make sure that the paint does not fracture. Timber windows prices are not too high, so you will be able to put a good glass unit without causing significant loss to your budget. To find out which windows can be installed in your own home, please visit chameleon-decorators.co.uk.