Myth and Reality Of RV Lithium Battery

People are compassionate when it comes to purchasing a product regarding its services. However, considering the opinion of others is also one of their nature. For that reason, misleading and misconception occurs and is delivered everywhere. In that case, to understand what we want to share, check this post about the Myth and Reality of RV Lithium Battery.

RV Lithium Battery has had an excellent reputation through the years. However, there is still some misleading information that might contradict the reality about its excellence. Each of the stories has its version that you might find absurd. Thus, it might become the reflection of what is the real deal of this excellent RV battery.

As you know, people are demanding to achieve their wants, especially in the product and services. And with regards to this battery product, they might overlook the essential factors of having it. The proper use of a product, especially a high-quality RV battery, requires greater understanding and correct usage.

However, some people are still using this product without knowing the real deal and the proper care. As for them, all the batteries are the same. That is why, when some instances happen, they don’t know what to do. So instead, they blame the product and focus on the downside of it.

Moreover, join us to learn more about these cryptic stories about RV Lithium Battery. Let us discover the difference between the reality and the myth that spread globally about this product.

1. RV Lithium Battery has a High Danger Rate.


You can’t bring the RV Lithium Battery on the plane because it can explode. That is one of the most cryptic stories that some people believe about the Lithium Battery. This idea might come from the reality that cellphones, laptops, and other electronic devices are not allowed on a plane. Well, their battery uses older technology that might overheat and catch fire when used on a plane.

Dissimilar to that, RV Lithium Battery is way safer than those kinds of products. It is because it contains Lithium-Ion Phosphate that can utilize a non-combustible lithium solution. Therefore, the RV Lithium Battery is safer, even when misconduct during charging.

Moreover, it has a durability rate that can withstand harsh weather conditions ranging from cold to unbearable heat. Besides, most of the Lithium Battery is consists of a battery management system or BMS.

Thus, it serves as the brain of the battery. Also, it manages elements like charge rate, performance, longevity, and safety of the RV Lithium-Ion Battery. For that reason, it can extend the life of this outstanding product. Besides, never purchase a Lithium-Ion Battery without a battery management system.

On the contrary, Lead Acid Batteries contain sulfuric acid and lead. Therefore, it is a hazardous material that can cause you a massive problem in the future. In addition, if they are misconduct or improperly stored, Lead Acid Batteries can be dangerous.

2. RV Lithium Battery has no Cold Resistance.

Brands are also a significant consideration upon purchasing your RV Lithium Batteries. As you know, some people consider buying products under a famous branding that might offer excellent services. And as a result, brands do their very best to make inventions that can satisfy the customers, like RV Lithium Battery.

You can pull power out a Lithium Battery down to negative F, and you can also charge it down to 24 degrees F, depending on its brand. Thus, it might be a good recommendation. On the other hand, it might cause irreversible damage when you charge it below 32 degrees F, freezing.

Some Lithium Battery brands have built-in battery heaters or circuits that protect them from damage in cold weather. But, if you use your RV in weather colder than 24 degrees, you might experience that kind of issue. Besides, storing your batteries in a temperature-controlled compartment is necessary.

Still, a restrictive system may allow your RV Lithium Battery to charge at a temperature even lower than 24 degrees. Thus, ensure that you have that technology and understanding to use it before your batteries at such temperature. Plus, always consider and follow the manufacturers’ best practice recommendations to properly use and charge your RV Lithium Battery.

3. RV Lithium Battery is expensive.


Lithium Battery is indeed a much higher cost than the typical RV battery like Lead Acid. However, it offers a much longer life than the other. It may also last about five times longer than its counterpart.

The efficiency of the Lithium Battery is higher than the older Lead-Acid type batteries. That is why it is costly but has an effective solution for RV applications. It also consists of durable materials that can provide excellent service and great resistance. That is why it might be a better option to use for your RVs.

4. RV Lithium Battery doesn’t release 100% current.

Some people think that the ampere-hour rating displayed in your RV Lithium Battery indicates how much power is within the battery. But the real deal is that it shows how many amp-hours you can use before it shut itself off.

Lithium Battery has more power stored inside to protect it from damage, allowing a 100% discharge. It can discharge fully, yet the BMS will stop the release at 80-90%.

On the other hand, when using Lead-Acid Batteries, never discharge them below 80% of capacity, although some people advise that you shouldn’t discharge past 50%. Again, it might start permanent damages.

5. RV Lithium Battery always needs a Fully Recharged.


It is valid for the Lead-Acid Batteries. However, when it comes to RV Lithium batteries, holding a constant recharge can affect their lifespan negatively. Therefore, partial charging the majority of the time is preferable.

In addition, it might improve the number of times the battery cycle. Still, it can reduce the lifespan of the battery over time. Yet, an occasional full charge can help to restore capacity. The battery management system can handle this situation. Also, it monitors the battery to optimize its performance and extends its operation.


We have come this far. The data above contains information about the myths and the reality about RV Lithium batteries. Knowing this data can give you excellent knowledge to disregard the misleading information about this RV battery type. The sections above can help you understand the actual situation and the proper care regarding this RV Lithium Battery.

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