Holy Stone X400C Quadcopter Drone Review 2024

Do you like to buy an excellent quadcopter with a remote control? Are you looking for the quadcopter drone with the high-quality camera?

Holy stone offers quadcopter with several features and if you need easy-to-fly drones, then the Holy Stone X400C is an obvious choice.

Table of contents:

  1. Features of the Holy Stone X400C Quadcopter Drone
    • Anti-interference
    • Headless mode
    • Return Home Function
    • Throttle Control
    • Powerful Motors
    • First Person View
    • 6-Axis Gyro System
  2. Final conclusion

Features of the Holy Stone X400C Quadcopter Drone:

Holy Stone is an excellent provider of the aerial photography systems and currently, they are offering quadcopters with excellent features. After a deep research and testing the features of the quadcopters, I highly recommend you to invest your money on the Holy Stone X400C quadcopter drone.

Here is a list of features of the Holy Stone X400C Quadcopter Drone which tells you why this is an excellent choice for you.

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  1. Anti-interference:

This sleek design X400C quadcopter drone is equipped with the 2.4g technology so that your quadcopter will not interfere with each other while the other quadcopters flying at the same time.

  1. Headless mode:

It is featured with the headless mode and it is a great quadcopter for the beginners. The headless mode allows you to fly the quadcopter without repositioning the system.

  1. Return Home function:

You need not worry about the quadcopter because the one key return feature will bring the drone back to your home.

  1. Throttle control:

This feature is quite excellent in this product. The left and right throttle control switch mode can be switched between left Hand Throttle and right Hand Throttle and the “Throttle limit mode” is particularly designed for protecting the safety of the beginners.

  1. Powerful motors:

Holy Stone X400C quadcopter comes with powerful and responsive motors so that you can easily adjust the throttle in order to avoid the damage caused by loss of control.

  1. First Person View:

It is featured with the First Person View so that it can record real-time aerial photos with high definition camera.

  1. 6-Axis Gyro system:

The 6-Axis Gyro system allows super stable flight. This feature makes your quadcopter fly in a stable position.


  1. Charging time and flight duration time is excellent.
  2. Controlling distance is awesome and is about 100 meters.
  3. The image quality is fairly decent in this quadcopter.
  4. Auto return feature and auto flips are an added advantage to this quadcopter.
  5. It offers durability and stability.
  6. It is easy to fly.
  7. The remote control is very easy to use.


Final conclusion:

Holy Stone X400C is a well-designed quadcopter and flying the drone can be really fun and entertainment too. Buy the easy-to-fly and easy to set up quadcopter to capture images and record videos in an efficient manner. The X400C is an excellent quadcopter that offers durability and stability in flying. And, it is the best quadcopter for the beginners.