Phantom of the Opera Broadway Tickets New York

  Synopsis: The Phantom of the Opera, featuring haunting music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, is Broadway’s longest running show. The year 2013 serves as the 25th anniversary of the Broadway hit that has won numerous awards through the years. The underlying story is set in Paris. The story takes place at the Paris Opera, where(…)

Rock of Ages Tickets

Please select a city: Las Vegas New York Synopsis: “The Rock of Ages” is a musical that was performed on Broadway in 2009. It includes many hit rock songs from the 80s and was written by Chris D’Arienzo. Like the music and era it chronicles, “The Rock of Ages” doesn’t take itself too seriously. It(…)

Jersey Boys Tickets

Please select a city: Las Vegas New York Synopsis: ”Jersey Boys” is a musical that documents the creation of a famous rock and roll band of the 1960′s, The Four Seasons. The original group consisted of: •    Frankie Valli; lead singer •    Bob Gaudio; keyboards •    Tommy DeVito; lead guitar and baritone vocals •    Nick Massi;(…)

Chicago The Musical New York

  Synopsis: The Broadway musical “Chicago” satirically tells the story of two women, Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly, who commit crimes of passion and then try through media manipulation and local politics to avoid the death penalty. The two meet in prison where Roxie is initially ignored as Velma had already been famous as a(…)

Matilda Broadway Tickets

  Synopsis: “Matilda: The Musical” is an adaptation of the classic children’s novel by Roald Dahl. It was written by Dennis Kelly and Tim Minchin. Kelly wrote the book, and Minchin wrote the music and lyrics. The protagonist is the title character, a 5-year-old girl who loves to read and overcomes obstacles, eventually creating her(…)

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